Realme Wireless Buds Air Earphones Support Wireless Charging

These can last for about 3 hours which is decent enough.

The Realme Wireless Buds Air earphones have finally launched, and they look exactly like the Apple AirPods. As previously teased, the case supports wireless charging – which is surprising considering none of Realme’s current-gen smartphones supports wireless charging. As one would expect from Realme, the Buds Air earphones are super affordable and supply excellent value for money.

In this post, we’ll briefly go over the Realme Wireless Buds Air’s features.

Realme Wireless Buds Air Features 

  • Wear Detection
  • Open-up Auto Connection
  • Wireless Charging
  • Dual Mic for Calling
  • Super Low Latency
  • Dynamic Bass Boost Driver

Similar to the AirPods, the Realme Wireless Buds Air are truly wireless earphones and feature extended stems. With the earphones themselves, you get the pod-like case that holds enough power to make the earphones last for 17 hours on a single charge. The earphones themselves have a 3-hour battery backup, which is decent considering the price.

Realme Wireless Buds Air
Realme Buds Air

You can use the tap controls to control music playback and play or pause the music. Double tapping the earphones triggers Google Assistant, and you can also make calls and decline incoming calls. The wireless earbuds have a dedicated gaming mode, which can be activated by long-pressing both the earphones at the same time.

Realme reports that the special gaming mode will reduce audio latency by up to 51% – from 243.8ms to 119.3ms. Additionally, the earphones also boast noise cancellation capabilities. Realme calls this feature “Environment Noise Cancellation.” The feature can only be used when you’re taking a call with the earphones on. The headsets use the dual microphones on the stems to amplify your voice and filter out unwanted background noise.

What else?

The wireless earphones use a custom-made R1 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0. They also support Google Fast Pair technology, which allows you to pair your headsets to any device instantly, just like the Apple AirPods would. The Fast Pair feature is not currently available on the device, and the feature will be added to the earphones via a software update in Q1 2020. The earbuds feature an optical sensor that will automatically pause your music when you remove the buds from your ears, and the music will resume once you put them back on.

The charging case can be charged wirelessly using a charging pad or via USB-C. Realme has also announced its very own 10W wireless charger, which will come to the market soon. The Realme Wireless Buds Air earphones are available in three colours – White, Yellow, and Black.

In just the first sale, the company sold over 11,000 units in a couple of hours. There’s no word about its global availability yet; however, the excellent features and the fantastic price make the Realme Buds Air a great buy.


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