Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds by Anker

A great alternative to Apple AirPods!

Anker is quite popular in the market, all thanks to the fact that it produces top-class products at very affordable rates. These products are not fancy by any means but are perfect for those who want to use its functionality at a bargain price. The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air is a wireless earphone and one of the best in the markets. It is inexpensive, works great, and looks quite nice as well. When you have good functionality at a reasonable rate, it stands to reason that the product is going to gain popularity.


If you are an audio freak, this pair might not please you. However, if you are looking for a pair for daily use, this is not so bad. The Liberty Air buds connect over Bluetooth. It comes with its own power supplies located in their stems. This means that your phone will connect to the headphones without any wires. Once you are done listening, you can pop them into their battery case. The case is rechargeable. When you toss your earbuds in, they will recharge till you take them out the next time you need them.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds

At first look, many will notice a striking resemblance between the Soundcore Liberty Air Earbuds and the Apple AirPods. The stem of each bud hangs a little bit out of your ear. By this, we mean that it is not truly a buds-only design. These buds feature a gloss black finish. Both of them come with touch-sensitive buttons. While they are slightly bigger than the Apple AirPods, they are quite comfortable to use and light in weight.

The Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air earphones boast of a water-resistant rating of IPX 5. This means that while they are not protected against a shower or a swim, they can survive sweat and a splash. One thing to note here is that it is advised that users wipe off sweat and water before they stow the earbuds back in their case.

The Case

Coming to the earbud case, it has been designed to be chic with a matte black finish. The MicroUSB charging port is located at the bottom. The case has a snap-shut hinged lid. The earbuds fit comfortably within the magnetic crevices where they rest and recharge themselves. There is a three-dot LED light that tells us how much power the charging case has. The earbuds come with a playback capacity of about five hours. In addition to this, the case allows the earbuds to recharge themselves for another three times. So, at one charge for the case, you can enjoy about 20 hours of playback time. The mileage will naturally vary a bit depending on how loudly you play.

Connectivity And Features

Unlike some other wireless earbuds, the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air earbuds can be easily connected without any hassle. The earbuds pair up with each other. You will know this by looking at the little white light on their shells. Once you do, long-press the touch-sensitive button on any one of the earbuds. This will make them discoverable to your phone or other devices. You are done. After pairing for the first time, they will automatically reconnect to each other, and your device, every time you take the buds out of their case. Since they do this with rapid-fire quickness, you can be sure that by the time you take them out of your case and put them on, they would be paired up and ready to go.

Soundcore Liberty Air Earbuds
Soundcore Liberty Air Earbuds

The buttons of the earbuds can be used to do a variety of functions, including answer calls, skip tracks, and more. This depends on the number of times you tap each bud. These true wireless earbuds are highly responsive, which is a major point in their favour. The Soundcore Liberty Air Earbuds are designed to work with popular smart assistants, such as Alexa and Google Assistant. The built-in microphones work decently enough to work with assistants. You can also make calls and find the quality good enough.

While everything is fine and dandy, there have been minor issues with connectivity at the time. However, it will, in no way, impact the overall use and experience. The reliability of the earbuds is high and we are sure that it will offer a rich and seamless experience to the users.

Sound Quality

According to Anker, the Liberty Air buds have superior audio performance. This is because they are manufactured using a Graphene-enhanced design. However, users remark that although it offers pretty good sound quality, it is in no way exceptional. These earbuds can passively block external sound, so much so that you don’t mind the lack of active noise cancelling capabilities. Their bass performance is quite powerful as well. While audiophiles will definitely not find this pair entertaining, it is perfect for those who want it for casual use.

Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds
Liberty Air True Wireless Earbuds

The sound details are rich and crisp, so much so that you can listen to every beat and detail clearly. When you play a track to try its full volume capabilities, you may notice some crackles and distortion. Here, we see that the ear buds struggle with the output. Keeping to the usual level should give you no trouble. Not everyone would be comfortable and happy with the noise-isolating design. The ear buds don’t have a transparency mode either. By using the tight seal for the ear tips, you will notice that a lot of ambient noise is passively muted.


The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air earbuds are a great true wireless headphone package. It is affordable, responsive, and with decent enough sound quality. They come with a nice charging case, fit comfortably, and look amazingly chic. Overall, these ear buds don’t seem to have many poor points, except for distortion at very loud volumes. Designed as a competitor to AirPods Pro, it does look like the Soundcore Liberty Air Earbuds have managed to meet their goal. The best part about Liberty Air is that they offer all the top features without the high price tag.

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