Realme X50 Confirmed to Offer Simultaneous Dual-Channel Wi-Fi and 5G Connectivity

The 5G is here with X50

 WRealme’s first 5G phone is on its way. The Realme X50 is expected to launch in China at a specific event. The promotion for this event has been going on pretty strongly in the last few weeks. The phone could have simultaneous dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity. This will ensure better uplink and downlink speeds. Realme has also revealed that the X50 model will be powered by the Snapdragon 765G SoC. It will also support mainstream 5G network bands. This will make sure that the users do not face any connectivity problems.

Realme mentioned that the X50 smartphone will work on dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G networks at the same time. This was mentioned in an official Weibo post. Although the company did not talk about the technical aspect of this, it did mention that users would be able to enjoy higher speeds overall. You might have noticed that the Dual Channel Network Acceleration feature in ColorOS 7 works in a similar manner, allowing users to have a smoother and faster experience.

Realme X50 Camera
Realme X50 Camera

Realme X50

The company has made another announcement on their official Weibo channel where they talked about offering dual-mode 5G support. Besides this, it will also support mainstream 5G network bands including n1, n41, n78, and n79. Quite recently, Realme talked about its upcoming phone, the X50 model. The phone will have a pill-shaped hole-punch that will have two front cameras. The X50 smartphone will have a 6.6-inch display with a 90Hz refresh rate.

Coming to the camera, the phone will have a 64-megapixel camera with Sony IMX686 sensor. Other specs that might be seen here include the fact that the phone will have 8GB of RAM. The phone will run on octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC that comes with Qualcomm X52 5G modem. The smartphone will also have a 32-megapixel main selfie camera and an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens.

Realme X50
Realme X50
What else is new?

The Realme X50 will come with an improved cooling system. This five-dimensional, ice-cooled heat dissipation system will replace the usual heat-sinking tube. The announcement was via Weibo again. This new cooling system will ensure complete coverage of core heating sources. The news regarding this came soon after Realme released promo about the X50 smartphone and its simultaneous dual-channel Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity feature. Of course, the fact that the phone will come with a 64-megapixel primary sensor is a huge attraction for most users as well.

According to the official Weibo post by Realme, the X50 smartphone will have an 8mm ultra-large diameter liquid-cooled cooper tube having 410 cubic metres of volume. This tube is an important part of their 5D ice-cooled heat dissipation system. The reason behind the usage of this new cooling system is the fact that the phone’s processing unit comes with an integrated 5G modem. The phone will launch sometime next year. We will know more details about its price and so on nearer the release date.

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