Realme C3, Realme 5i Listed on Singapore’s IMDA Certification Site

It is Expected to Launch Soon. Till then, here's everything we know.

Realme is getting ready for launching two budget phones – the Realme C3 and the Realme 5i. The news about the release of these phones was found on Singapore’s IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) website. While there are no details known about these phones, we do know the model numbers of these devices. This became known after Sudhanshu Ambhore, a reliable tipster, tweeted about the details about these phones on the IMDA website.

Realme C3
Realme C3

Realme C3

The Realme C3 smartphone has the model number RMX1941. The phone offers support for LTE. This also indicates that the device will not be a 5G smartphone. It is expected to release early next year and has already gathered much interest among the fans. Both the smartphones were listed by Sinoppel Device Pte. Ltd. which is the local office of Oppo Mobiles. IT is also believed that the Realme C3 phone could possibly replace the Realme C2 as the entry-level Realme smartphone. However, we do not know a lot about the specs of the device yet.

Realme 5i 

The Realme 5i, on the other hand, has the model number RMX2030. This is the same number that was seen on the Wi-Fi Alliance certification website. Many believe that this increases the authenticity of the details. Besides the model number and the fact that it will support LTE, we don’t know a lot about its features and specs. Since Realme already has a good range of devices on the 5 series, including Realme 5 and the Realme 5s, we believe that the Realme 5i could offer significantly better features. Looking at the Realme 3i, this looks possible. Realme could increase the price of the 5i slightly or maybe even replace the original Realme 5 with the Realme 5i. This ensures that the 5 series stays mostly up to date.

Realme C3, Realme 5i
Realme C3, Realme 5

Other Details

Towards the end of 2019, details have emerged about the Realme’s upcoming smartphones. Named Realme C3 and the Realme 5i, these budget smartphones are among the latest leaks. While not a lot is known about these devices, it is quite certain that these smartphones will be released sometime in 2020. With India being a major market for Realme, these phones are likely to be released here first. A global or geography-specific release may soon follow. More details about the phone, its specs, release dates, and price should be available in early 2020.

While both Realme C3 and the Realme 5i are touted as budget smartphones, we don’t know other specs about them. We do, however, know that the Realme C3 will be a non-5G smartphone and is likely to be released before the 5i model. The C3 will likely replace Realme C2 and feature higher specs than its predecessor which is only natural to expect. The price of these devices is not likely to be a lot higher than the Realme 5 and 5s models. The price increase will be justified by better specs hopefully.

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