Samsung A11, A31 And A41 To Come With 64GB Base Storage

Welcoming 2020 in style!

Samsung’s Galaxy A series is now all geared up for an upgrade that will bring it to par with the other latest releases in the market. The Samsung A11, A31 and A41 models will be entering the market in 2020 with a minimum storage of 64GB. Samsung is working on revamping it’s Galaxy A-range series to offer the users a higher usage and a better design.

While the A10 and A30 models both started off with 32GB, the upcoming ones will feature 64GB and go upwards. The leaked reports on A51 and A71 tell us that they might feature an Infinity-O AMOLED display with a rectangular camera at the rear. It is yet to be seen if the entry-level A-series models will feature the same design. We will have to wait and find out. Some suggest that the first release among these models might be as early as next month, welcoming the new year in style.

Release of A11, A31 and A41

The Galaxy A series was a huge success among the fans last year. Samsung is planning to launch other devices over the next year, including A11, A31 and A41. These models will launch with SM-A115X, SM-A315X, and SM-A415X model numbers. The one thing that might get you really excited about this release, if you are not already, is the fact that all of them will start at 64GB of onboard storage and move upwards considering the version. Currently, all the three products are still in the development stage, they have all already gathered a huge following. These products will come with different storage variants of 64GB and 128GB.


It looks like the Samsung Galaxy A51 will sport a punch-hole screen similar to Galaxy Note 10. It will have a rectangle-shaped camera with four camera sensors in L-shape along with an LED flash. The base storage is 64GB is these devices. The highest storage will be 128GB. Some models from the Galaxy A-series could feature 32GB storage as well including Galaxy A10, A20, and A30. Recent Galaxy A51 360-degree renders were leaked giving us a peek inside the device’s design and specs. The phone is likely to run on Exynos 9611 processor and have a 4GB RAM, and 4,500mAh battery.

Samsung A11
Samsung A11

The processor of this and the A50 devices are the same. Regarding the camera, the phone features a 6.5-inch FHD+ punch-hole display, 32MP selfie camera, and quad rear camera setup. The 48MP primary lens, 12MP ultrawide lens, 12MP telephoto lens, and the 5MP depth sensor all work excellently to help you produce the best-ever images. It is expected to release sometime in 2020. Since it is in development right now, the company might tweak the design a bit and add or delete some features. However, the major idea behind it will remain the same. Talking about Galaxy A11, we see that it would be a budget smartphone and start off with 32GB storage. It would mainly be available in Asia and Africa.

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