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WhatsApp New Features Coming Soon: Call Waiting, Self-Destructing Messages & More

Now you can look forward to more convenience when using your favourite messaging app.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the developers keep updating the app to offer the users the latest features. Some of the features that have been long under development are now being rolled out. WhatsApp new features are being rolled out as stable updates. These are aimed at both Android and iOS users. WhatsApp constant updates ensure that users always have the latest software. This makes sure that the users have a smooth experience and get to use the latest features as soon as possible. WhatsApp recently introduced a ton of new features. Though the company has announced several features, some are still in the works while others are out for use. 

WhatsApp New Features
WhatsApp New Features

WhatsApp Features

Let’s take a look at the recently rolled out WhatsApp features. 

Self-destructing message feature

This feature is currently available on the Android Beta version. With this, you will see that a message is deleted automatically after a set period of time passes. This time period can be set by the users. Once it is released, it will have a toggle on/off button with the users being able to choose the time interval for the message deletion. You would be able to choose the time interval options ranging from 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. Depending on what you choose, the message will get deleted automatically. While many users are excited to hear this feature, it is by no means a new idea. Other apps like Telegram and Snapchat have had this for quite some time now.

Call waiting support

WhatsApp’s version 2.19.120 features the latest call waiting support. According to reports, this feature is currently available only for iPhone users with the Android one gearing up for a release soon. Once updated, users would be able to receive another WhatsApp call when they are already on another call. Currently, users don’t receive notification of alert of a call waiting. Instead, a missed call alert would pop up after the call. The caller would be notified that the user is busy with an ‘On Another Call’ message. This feature should be a huge help all around. 

WhatsApp Updates
WhatsApp Updates
Multiple device support

This is one feature that all WhatsApp users would be doubly happy to hear about. It is suggested that we may soon see WhatsApp supporting multiple devices on one account for Android users. A similar feature has already been launched for iPhone users in the WhatsApp Beta version. Named as ‘Registration Notifications’, it allows the users to request a code from another device. The users will receive a message, “The recipient’s device list changed. Tap Verify to confirm the new security code.” Only when they accept this on their primary phone would the installation go ahead. 

While all these features are great and would definitely make using WhatsApp a better experience, the app lacks the feature of call hold. Maybe the developers are planning to install that in the next update. 

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