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Xenophage, The Destiny 2 Machine Gun With A Bug In It, Is Also Bugged

Wow - the backstory will blow your minds!

Xenophage is the latest weapon introduced in Destiny 2. After its launch last week, it is now available for both free users and for those who bought Shadowkeep for Xbox One and the Season of the Undying. Besides the Xenophage machine gun, paid players received other benefits as well.

Xenophage’s magazine capacity is not very high, but it can fire explosive rounds at enemies terrifyingly. It can manage to send out the rounds with a swiftness that will send you reeling. However, despite the addition of a new weapon and its features, players are not very happy. Gamers noticed that the damage inflicted by Xenophage is not really explosive. Most power weapons in Destiny 2 would be a better choice to inflict real damage than the recently released Xenophage.

Xenophage of Destiny 2
Xenophage of Destiny 2

The weapon is not bad, but it has not been designed right. Destiny 2’s makers, Bungie, did more mean to make it a superweapon and only had plans of making it an effective option. However, this bugged weapon is less effective than they had bargained for. While Bungie has not mentioned any timeline for the fix, the company is working on it and it should be available pretty soon.

The Bug and its History

Once the players starting using the gun, they wasted no time in deciding that the gun is not working properly. The fact of the matter is that there literally is a bug in the gun (in the Destiny Universe, of course). Omar Agah, a member of Eris Morn’s doomed fireteam, was destroyed by the Hive. However, he did not actually die a true death. The Hive took his Light, and his soul and mind ended in the space that powers the Xenophage.

With regards to its underperformance, Bungie community manager made a statement that the lack of precision damage was intentional. So, does it mean that Xenophage is a bug gun without bugs? Don’t confuse yourself. We went through Reddit discussions to see what is happening.

Xenophage Weapon
Xenophage Weapon

Reddit Discussion

After users started unlocking Xenophage, players started noticing that the Exotic light machine gun was not really doing its job right. It was not dealing out precision damage. Deep discussions got started on Reddit where players shared their experiences. Bungie’s community manager, Cozmo23, wrote, “I checked with the team on this. The fact that Xenophage does not do precision damage is not a bug and by design. However, the weapon is unintentionally underperforming and we are currently investigating.”

This answer threw some light on Bungie’s bug-filled machine gun which was created by design. The community manager also mentioned that although the weapon has been designed not to do precision damage, the fact that it has not been performing to its standards is a cause for concern. The developers are looking into it. It does look like the company has already started work on fixing this and we should be able to hear some good news pretty soon.

Bungie is also working on another glitch in another exotic weapon. It is the exotic energy sniper rifle Izanagi’s Burden that many players are unable to access due to a bug in the questline. Hopefully, both these glitches will be fixed soon.

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