Sensel Telematics Looking to Influence the World of Smartphones

They have developed nearly 25 centres in a single chip!

Sensel is one of the famous and well-known companies to make the next generation of input devices. It is because of their multi-touch and pressure-sensitive technology they seek to outperform the current industry with its development. That is the reason. Sensel wants to get into the mobile world.

If you had remembered that recently the iffy volume buttons were counted as cons by Bodgan Petrovan in his analysis of Huawei Mate 30 Pro, after that, Huawei dropped the physical volume buttons. However, this not makes their jobs done simply.

The latest Sensel Technology allows phone makers to put virtual buttons nearly anywhere on the screen as they wish. The company has developed nearly 25 centres in a single chip. It is, too, including the sensors under the curved screen and on the edges of the smartphone. It allows phones to regain its lost accessibility of volume controls by giving the touch and virtual buttons on the edges.

Sensel Telematics
Sensel Telematics

Sensel wants to enter the mobile world.

Recently, Sensel says that they are more familiar to the user intent. In simple words, they already had measured the force of people holding their smartphone and clicking on the buttons usually. The main reason for the Sensel to enter the mobile phones world is to develop high-end and modern technology among the latest flagship models of smartphones.

Sensel touch could be a huge achievement for the latest smartphone brands. It also had a feature to let you silence your phone with only a squeeze. It is far better than the usual iPhone drop down to silent buttons. The recent survey from the Android Authority also had tested these features, and It makes them impressed as well.

However, there are still some works that Sensel needs to do after entering the mobile phone world or industry.

If you think from a consumer perspective, then I do believe they have not fallen with the touch controls of Mate 30 Pro and the touch volume controls on the Pixel phones from Google.

Sensel still needs to convince the phone makers and also, to improve their technology so it can work for a long time and without having any lags in the nearby future. However, It won’t be easy for Sensel to convince the phone makers as space is at a crucial premium space on the smartphone could eat a previous volume near the edges.

The next steps for the Sensel is to develop new tool kits along with the API’s to make the repairing part quicker and easier for the latest flagship smartphone models.


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