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Sony PlayStation 5: Games, Price, Specs, Release Date and More

Gear up for the best experience with Sony's latest video console system!

Sony, one of the best in the business of gaming consoles, has given a hint that they are working on the next generation of the console series. It is expected to replace the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. The official name or the design for the Sony Playstation 5 is not known yet. However, it is expected to be much more powerful than all the previous versions that they have released so far. With the release of the Playstation 5, we can expect some really good deals on the PS4 on Black Friday sales! It is a good day all around!

Though there has not been any conclusive date when the PS5 could be launched. Different interview sources mention different dates, but they all agree that Sony has confirmed that the PS5 is soon to hit the market. Check out the older models reviews here – PlayStation 3 Console and PlayStation 4 Review.

Release date for PS5

Recently Sony confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be released during the 2020 holidays. This was published in a story by the CEO of Sony – Jim Ryan. In the same story, the CEO was joined by the lead architect of the PS5 to give some insights about the device. It has been confirmed that the PS5 will also come with a 4K Blu-ray player and the discs would be in 100GB sizes. This eliminates the use of multiple discs for games that are huge. There are lots of other features that have been hinted at. We will be discussing this in the later sections to come. Coming back to the tentative release dates, this is a big decision for Sony to lock horns with its competitor Microsoft which is also planning to launch in the 2020 holidays their own next-generation gaming device.

Sony Playstation 5
Sony Playstation 5

PS5 Specs

In multiple interviews, Sony mentioned and heavily hinted that the graphics are going to be from AMD. These chips are specially designed for Sony and they will be able to support 3D audio, 8K graphics, and ray tracing. Some of these are new to the gaming industry. This would take the gaming experience to a whole new level. The gaming console will be powered with an eight-core CPU which is based on the Ryzen line. By now, you must have had a slight idea that this gaming console is going to be a beast when it comes to the performance of the console. It is also worthy to note that there is no other gaming console that could be as powerful as this one in the market currently.

If speed has been one of your main concerns on the older devices, then Sony has some good news for you. All the hard-disk drives will be replaced with solid-state drives. This is expected to enhance the loading experience to a whole new level. Sony did publish a few comparison stats while using the SSD in comparison to the old school HDDs and found that loading saved games was more than 8 times faster.

Sony Playstation 5 Looks
Sony Playstation 5 Looks

The installation takes a long time. So, Sony has hinted that it will allow users to install a part of the game. This will help the users to install just what they want. They would not have toan the full version of the game and parts that they might not use.

Controllers and Cloud Gaming

It has also been confirmed that the PS5 will be compatible with all the games of the PS4. You might not want to sell them off in case you have not completed the game. The PS5 should also be compatible with the PS VR games. They have also confirmed that games older than the PS4 will not be compatible to play on the latest version. This is primarily because the architecture of PS4 and PS5 are almost similar. It will also help the users in transitioning easily to the new device.

There have also been hints that Sony might allow cloud gaming on the latest device. However, there is not a lot we know at this moment. With competition in the cloud gaming area at its peak – Sony has a huge mountain to climb in order to emerge as a winner.

Sony Playstation 5 Controller
Sony Playstation 5 Controller

A controller is something that is very important when it comes to gaming. The gaming controllers from Sony have not been really special after the release of PS3. In another interview, Sony revealed that a new controller is being designed. They aim to offer a better gaming experience to the users. The controller will be able to pass feedback to the analog sticks which will mean you can receive different kinds of feedback based on the scenario. For example, in a car race, driving on the road will have different feedback than driving on the gravel.

PS5 Games

Most of the leading gaming software developers have joined hands with PS5. They are building games that will be ready for release as soon as the console is also released. These include CD Projekt Red, Kazunori Yamauchi, etc. There have also been reports that Sony has started building its own development team. They are working on developing new games themselves.

Conclusion – Sony Playstation 5

With the release of PS5 in about a year, it is time that you complete all the games that you have on the PS4. If you cannot, you will still be able to continue playing on your PS5. That is really good! From a price standpoint, we do not have an official confirmation on how much the device is going to cost. But, we reckon that based on past history, this should be marked at the same price range as that of the PS4 Pro. We might well see that this device hits the $500 mark depending on the strategy that Sony chooses to go with. That being said, this device is likely to be awesome and worth the price tag, if all features are included.

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