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PlayStation 3 (PS3) Consoles Reviews All Information Here

After the declaration of Sony’s new 80GB PlayStation 3 404, the company comes up with the new set of features and specs.

PlayStation 3 consoles

The new 80GB version’s features share similarities with the 60GB version. However, surprises are also there. For instance, the latest version comes with a larger hard drive.

The PlayStation 3 has come with a lot of exciting functions. Thus, users can perform various things other than playing games. The device can easily be a center of attraction of your home entertainment.

Moreover, it has tremendous potential to improve its features in the coming years. The device undoubtedly has been giving a tough competition and it will be continuously doing so with its outstanding specs.


The PlayStation 3 (PS3) Consoles have appeared with the following key specifications:

Dimensions: PS3 Consoles have come with around 325mm * 98mm * 274mm.

CPU: The system features the Cell Broadband Engine Processor.

GPU: When it comes to the graphics processing unit, the system features RSX (Reality Synthesizer).

Hard Drive Disk: It houses Serial ATA of 2.5” or 80 GB HDD.

Main Memory: The system is equipped with 256MB XDR Main RAM.

Wireless Communication: The standard for wireless communication is IEEE 802.11 b/g.

Embedded VRAM: PlayStation 3 (PS3) Consoles feature GDDR3 VRAM of 256MB.

Disc Drive: The device has come with Blu-ray/DVD/CD in the read-only mode.


Do you wonder about the design of the PlayStation 3?

There are mixed reviews about the design. Some perceive it to be futuristic and smooth. Others think it to be an oversized, bulging device. However, you can decide after having the system in your hands.

The Power Supply Unit of PS3 comes with a casing. However, there is a drawback of its shiny black finish that it can easily collect unwanted fingerprints.

PlayStation 3 consoles Design

The front side of the device features a slot-loading Blu-ray drive. The PlayStation logo is present just under the slot.

Just like the PlayStation 2, PS3 users can also rotate the logo that ensures the proper direction. Thus, users can easily go for vertical or horizontal operation.

The front side of PS3 houses touch-sensitive eject as well as power buttons. You would find an attached door to the left side of the Blu-ray drive.

The door protects a memory card reader. It is compatible with multiple card formats like SD, MemoryStick, miniSD, and CompactFlash.

Furthermore, there are four USB 2.0 ports present under that card reader. You are free to use them for charging the device or as the accessories.

Hardware & Features

The PlayStation 3 is featured with more powerful computer hardware than its counterparts. You can play some advanced games on this device. The Blu-ray drive of this system is mind-blowing that comes with amazing features. You can easily configure the multi-speaker audio.

It’s worth noting that the PlayStation 3 can produce full 1080p high definition images. As a result, you can enjoy mind-blowing, clear vision on the TV screen.

Hardware & Features

The cross-media bar of the system comes with a classic design in terms of the OS. Moreover, you will enjoy various top-notch games on this platform. The PlayStation 3 can also run old PlayStation 1 games. Nonetheless, PS3 can’t play PS2 games.

The device comes with online capabilities, which enable you to play online games. Moreover, downloading of smaller games is also possible. The best part is that the maximum online functions of the device are free.

A PlayStation 3 of 20 GB hard drive is priced at $499. On the other hand, the device with 60 GB hard drive costs $599.


The PlayStation 3 Consoles have come with an internal hard disk of 2.5 inches. In Europe, two drive capacities won’t be there. However, the US and Japan have this provision. The territories buyers can opt for an affordable PS3 along with a 20GB drive whereas some specific features won’t be there.

The PS3 hard disk has come as user upgradable. 60GB is usually enough storage space for many users. However, if you need more than that, replacement of it with a 2.5in SATA hard disk is an option for you.

Just replace the old hard disk with a new one and slide the unit back to the place. Now, close its flap and start the system. The PlayStation 3 would recognize a new device inside it. It will ask you to format it. Once you complete formatting, the newly inserted hard disk is ready for use in your PS3.

Firmware and Operating System are there in non-volatile storage. So, they have no connection with your new hard disk. These systems won’t be lost even after changing the drive.

If the new hard disk has enough space, you can also go for loading another Operating System. However, multiple OS is already there on the PlayStation 3. But, if you want to have another one, just go for it.


Unfortunately, online services are not strong in PS3. Once you connect the device with the Internet, you are free to register your Master Account. You can also configure Sub Accounts. Thus, you could allow your friends and family members to use your device.

After creating the account, it’s possible to navigate the PlayStation Store. Location is not an issue in times of registration.

The PS3 did not provide the provision for background downloading before. As a result, users could not perform anything else once they start downloading a large game demo. The console used to be freeze as long as the download got finished.

But, fortunately, after the release of firmware update by Sony, the problem was solved.

However, other than the PlayStation Store, the network also enables users to configure a number of friends. It’s also possible to communicate with friends and invite them for playing.

PlayStation Home is another brilliant feature of the PlayStation Network. It is a three-dimensional social gaming platform. This 100% graphical online environment will blow your mind. It will enable you to make your home and visit your friends etc.


If you have already used one of the predecessors of PS3, then you will find PS3 to be a very slim device. It works as an outstanding catch-up device as well as a Blu-ray player. However, the worth-noting part of it is gaming.

If you have already used one of the predecessors of PS3, then you will find PS3 a very slim device. It works as an outstanding catch-up device as well as a Blu-ray player. However, the worth noting a part of it is gaming.

Its solid-state storage outshines the conventional mechanical hard disk in terms of the R/W speeds. And so, the 12GB PS3 can run even a 5GB game smoothly and quickly.

Other Features

PS3 comes with an incredible region-free model for all its games. It lets users purchase their favorite games from any place and start playing it in any system. It is good news for all PS3 users.


Who should buy the PlayStation 3? If you are not an owner of an older version, then you can go for it. The device is worth your investment.

If you already have a PS3 Slim and you want to buy this new version, you will still get a little gain. However, you’d need to arrange some space under your TV.


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