New Competition In The Fitness Band Market- The Playfit 53

Fitness trackers are one of those gadgets which are in high demand these days. We can also see many other companies jumping into this segment due to heavy demand from the market. Recently, I came across a New Delhi based brand, which is a start-up as of now. The product name is PlayFit 53 and it is a fitness band.

New Competition In The Fitness Band Market- The Playfit 53

The company also offers other products such as smartwatches. The band seems to be quite interesting, so I bought one for myself. I have been using it for a month now, and now it’s high time I share honest reviews with the world.

You can just go through the review as I am going to give you all the details about the product, be it the pros and cons and whether the watch is preferable for daily use or not.


First and foremost, let’s get into the specifications. So, basically the band is equipped with-

    • 96-inch 2.5D glass TFT LCD colour display along with a full torch UI
    • Bluetooth 4.2 with connectivity to Android [4.4 and above] and iOS [9.0 and above].
    • Nordic nRF52832 Chipset
    • Heart rate tracker, pedometer and it also monitors your sleep [via the app in phone]
    • Hand gesture sensors which enable the user to click pictures by just flicking the wrist.
    • Supports 14 sport modes like running, walking, skipping, tennis, etc.
    • Gives call and notification alert
    • 7-10 hours of battery life
    • Dimensions- 24 x 2.2 x 1.3 cm, weight- 22.7 g
    • Priced at just Rs. 1,999 only

Design and Display

The all-new PlayFit 53 is quite a decent product and it does not look like a funky band. It is a subtle and simple fitness band with a sturdy look and super comfortable straps. The material of the band is not that premium but its curved design fits nicely on your wrist.

The display supports touch and different colours. The size of the band is similar to the Mi Band 4 and has a button at the bottom.

Software, Connectivity and the performance

The connectivity of the band is very easy as the users just have to install the Play app and register themselves on the app. You just have to enter some basic data about yourself like name, age, gender and you are good to go.

The band has a touch-based UI and supports both Android and iOS devices. The navigations are quite simple and easy to use. The home screen has a very basic layout, which displays all your essential data.

The issue with me was that the raise to wake feature did not work for me very well. I have to press the capacitive button whenever I need to wake the screen up.

Battery Life

The band usually lasts up to a week on a single charge and it does not need any separate charger. The capsule of the band attaches to the USB directly.


As a start-up, PlayFit has done a great job in the fitness band market. It lacks in display quality and the built-up material quality. If the brand comes up with a solution to these issues and improves the quality of material, the band is a great choice. The PlayFit 53 is a considerable option if you are looking for a fitness band under Rs. 2000.

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