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The Best Cheap PlayStation VR Bundles

The bundles are the best way to experience virtual reality gaming action, faster and a lot cheaper.

As the years have gone by and technological advancements have taken place, the gaming experience has only become more personal and fun for enthusiastic gamers. More so, with the introduction of PlayStation VR bundles. The bundles are the best way to experience virtual reality gaming action, faster and a lot cheaper.

PlayStation VR bundles are easy to set up and fun to use. A number of titles come out every few weeks, which is where having a good console would be great to have. Also, with the news PSVR 2 bundle coming out, chances are the prices are going to be lower for the existing bundle. This is why, it’s the best time to purchase it, in case you’ve not already. After doing a bit of research, we came across a few of the best deals for this month, all of which are listed below.

1.  Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack (5 games – PS4)

This VR mega pack includes 5 different games and is compatible with PS4. It includes a camera bundle that makes the whole gaming experience a real lifelike. Its price in the US is $339, which makes it a great steal and an absolute must buy. You can purchase it from either Amazon.

Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack
Sony PlayStation VR Mega Pack

2. Sony PlayStation VR V2 Camera Bundle

This camera bundle has got an adjustable headset that is comfortable and balanced. You’ll feel really light wearing it, with no weight of it and no distractions to keep you from conquering the gaming world. It’s white in colour and available on Amazon, priced at $349.

3. Sony PlayStation VR With Gran Turismo and Worlds Games Motion Controller (for PS4)

This pack consists of VR headset, stereo earbuds, camera and, many other accessories to make the virtual gaming experience something to remember. It is available on Amazon priced at $249 and consists of two games for the players to enjoy.

4. Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Motion Controller (for PS4):

Though a bit pricy than others listed above, it consists of motion controllers, VR headset with microphones, camera and games for a finer gaming experience. It is the latest version available.

Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Motion Controller
Sony PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Motion Controller

5. Sony PS4 1 TB Slim Console (Free Games: God of War/Uncharted 4/Horizon Zero Dawn):

This is the bestselling console currently available on amazon. It has three free games namely god of war, uncharted 4 and horizon zero dawn accompanied by a great design and stylish looks. It’s quite easy to connect and play with friends. The visuals are in HDR and hence feel real.

These are a few of the best deals available for the PlayStation VR bundle available at the present moment. Gamers should definitely use the discount available for the consoles from the various sites at the moment. We shall update the list as and when new price updates come and also look out for discounts offered occasionally, to get the best deals offered on these VR bundles.

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