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Is PS Vita Worth Buying in 2020?

The remote play also works on PC!

Sony’s PlayStation Vita also known as PS Vita, a handheld video game interactive console that was launched in late 2011. A convenient way to play games and also move around at the same time.PS Vita’s design was created to fuse the experience of an expensive and big gaming console with the current trend in the market I.e. mobile gaming.

The device has a 5inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, two analog joysticks with shoulder and front push buttons. PS Vita also supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and 3G network connectivity. All these features are programmed on a device that runs on quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MP Core processor and a quad-core graphics processing unit.

Sony PlayStation Vita
Sony PlayStation Vita

PS Vita is one power-packed portable device, which raises the question, whether PS Vita is worth buying in 2020? The answer pretty much depends on your needs. If you are a hardcore gamer, placing your best bets for portable gaming technology, PS Vita would be the best choice for him/her. Although it isn’t much famous amongst the computer and console gamers, PS Vita has surely raised its position in the chart of sales. Providing a combined experience of PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Going on vacation? Cannot carry PlayStation within the suitcase. A common problem that a gamer faces during most of their travel plans. PS Vita presents to you, the remote play. A function that allows you to play your favorite game from hundreds of miles away. All it requires is a PS4 connected well with the ethernet. The remote play also works on PC but would require the user to carry a controller and a USB cable along.

PS Vita
PS Vita

Gamers are always experimental with their games and consoles, looking for the best as always. PS Vita is knowing to be one of the hottest products in the modding industry, a type of hack that potentially benefits you in the game you are playing. Changing conditions, characters and much more with a push of a button. Playing with mods on is all together with a new experience and allows you to reach up to new possibilities. Modding although it is illegal, however, it creates a different perspective of a gamer. Allows the user to be creative and have no limits applied to themselves

So, in conclusion, keeping the price in mind Vita would certainly be considered as a secondary product to buy, and not as a priority. But it sure is worth investing in. Vita is undoubtedly having a cutting-edge high-quality handheld device that allows the user to play a bunch of PlayStation’s new hits, indie gems, and Japanese title games. However, whatever type of game you may be, hardcore or just a casual gamer. PS Vita will do just fine for you unless you have hopes for more. Incredible functionality and impeccable hacks/mods make the gameplay experience quite more delightful, making it one the best handheld piece of gaming device on the market. PS Vita has a lot of rivals but none match up to its standards and brand delivery.


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