The best RPGs for Android

Fantasy for your phone

RPGs are one of the most tried and true followings of any gaming genre. Here, as lots of things are there to do so folks can enjoy it as much as they want such as playing storylines and crafting characters. But those who might be confused about RPGs here is the list of best RPGs for android.

The best RPGs for Android: fantasy for your phone

Doom and Destiny Advanced

It is one of the sequel, prequel, and reboot for the original Doom and destiny. This one falls under the category of best RPGs as the game has many functions of the same characters. Doom and destiny have free dungeons and monsters and secrets to find out. So those who love retro they will surely like it.

The best RPGs for Android: fantasy for your phone

Evoland and Evoland 2

These two are also one of the very interesting games with a variety of features. This has a long list of 3D fighter, hack- and – slash, Puzzle, Platformer, and RPG trading card mechanics.

The best part about this game is its continuous offline support, hardware controller support and 20 hours of rigorous play. The only thing which might trouble someone that would be mini-games because they are a little bit rough in the edges.

The best RPGs for Android: fantasy for your phone

Monster hunter stories

As the name is suggesting it as very interesting so it is. Monster hunter even falls under the best RPGs since 2018. This one has a feature of turn-based mechanics, decent stories, graphics, and many more. This game has its own flavor to offer its player and which is of course not common in others.

The best RPGs for Android: fantasy for your phone

Sorcery 1-4

This game is also made its own place in the list of RPGs, you must be wondering why so? It is because sorcery is modeled in nature and it is being compared with playing along with a graphic novel and that is a fair assessment. The game lets you explore an open world plus time travel.

Square Enix games

Those who do not know about this one. Here is the catch. Square Enix is working for hand over- fist for releasing their collection of RPGs on Android over the last few years. All the games under it are super fantastic. It also offers mobile RPG games such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and others.

Square Enix games

Exiled kingdoms – it is a single-player action RPG and this one is rare in this genre. What falls best in this game is, it is absolutely free! So Jaime now those who might be wandering until yet for contents like this. They will surely fall for it. Here, you will have to upgrade most of the characters and then complete the story. As you will be able to explore the world around you.

Final words

All the games are special ones on the list of RPGs and it gives perfect reason to be like that. Numbers of varieties are making their presence stronger each day. And their features are completely demandable because it knows what to serve and how to serve that whenever required.

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