Valve’s Auto Chess competitor Dota is coming to Android

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If you are a big-time game lover, or you love competitive strategy games, or you love making strategies, then this is going to strike you. You will definitely feel delighted on hearing this. The Valve’s Auto Chess Competitor Dota is coming to Android. Yes, you heard it right! To know more read this article.

Valve’s Auto Chess competitor Dota is coming to Android

About Valve’s Data Underlords Chess Game

The name of this Strategy game is DotaUnderlords. Data Underlords is a chess-inspired competitive game, wherein you need to make strategies. In this game, the players place animated characters called ‘heroes’ on a battlefield. The battlefield has an 8X8 grid-shape. Chess competitor Dota got its release in January 2019 and then turned free-to-play in June.

How to play?

DotaUnderlord Chess game is an individual game wherein you face off against seven players. The game includes building, combining and leveling-up the crew.

The strategy game is coming to Android

Just a few days ago Valve announced its upcoming open beta for DotaUnderlords. It will get its release through Steam for Linux, Mac, and Microsoft Windows. Also, it is coming to Android and iOS devices and this time, Valve promises cross-play and progression across all platforms. The title has already made its way to the play store.

The valve is trying to make it absolutely user-friendly

Valve has updated that they will begin the beta testing for Android users. The title will be inactive development during that time though. They are also calling a few testers and gamers to have a check of their game and help them improve the game during this period.

Feedback Option

If you have any problem using the game then you can refer to the feedback button on the game window. This will make it easier for the company to identify the issues that the users face, once they start using the open beta.

Various other features

The beta is about 670 MB. It is completely free to play. Apart from this, Solo mode supports offline play in this game. If you are not skilled at the game or you have never tried this, then don’t worry! Valve has introduced a tutorial feature for you.

The Beginning

Valve revealed that the auto chess title will be coming early on 25th February. Valve made this revelation on its official site. This will be the beginning of the first season of DotaUnderlords. Throughout its testing part, it was payable, but for the users, it will be completely free of cost.

Good news for gamers

This sounds to be good news for all the video gamers and the chess players. The valve is providing a good range of features and trying to interact with the users through its feedback option.


If you like to play the game and get an experience of how Underlords work, you can download it from Play Store, after its official release on February 27th. There are no details on how long this open beta will run, so ensure to leap in quickly so that you do not miss out. Game lovers, this is your chance, grab the opportunity!

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