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The Best Walkie-Talkie Apps For Android

One of our favorite childhood toys, walkie-talkie always gave us the experience of being a commander or a detective. You may not have used these apps for a long time unless you are working in a construction firm or you work in the military base. The last time you experienced that thrill of enacting a soldier or a high-tech detective with a walkie-talkie, was probably during your childhood.

The Best Walkie- Talkie Apps For Android

If you are looking to refreshing your childhood memories with the best possible walkie-talkie interaction experience, then here is the list of the top walkie-talkie apps for your Android.

Yes! You do not have to go out of your way and purchase a walkie-talkie, which in today’s times is hard to find. You can use simply an Android application and experience the same excitement and joy that you experienced in your childhood.

A simple click can make your connection to another person and help in delivering the command or the message with ease without any message.

The walkie-talkie apps make the management very efficient and thus, can be considered as a great device. Also, it is much cheaper than all the other communication devices. These devices also work well in the absence of a

Here is a list of a few applications that you can install in your Android mobile and get the experience of a walkie-talkie device.


This simple and super easy to use application is great to use because of its simplification of operation. It uses your phone’s wireless technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for its functioning and transmitting messages to the other people. It is an excellent option for an office building, mall, wedding hall, etc.

Simplicity is its most significant appeal, and it does not ask for numerous app permissions before starting. It simply starts working right after you download and installs it. This application is available free to download. Several in-app purchase options are available.


As the name suggests, this app serves the purpose in its name. The design of the application is very user-friendly and provides a great user experience. This app also does not require an account or registration in its setup. It is also free from the various private application permissions.

You can tune your device with the same frequency and enjoy an excellent walkie-talkie experience. This app is available to download in an Android, iOS or even your desktop.

Voxer Walkie-Talkie Messenger

This app provides a multi-functional experience of walkie talkie and a messaging app. With this multitasking ability, Voxer has made its place among the most popular walkie-talkie applications.

The messaging platform provided by this app is very versatile and provides all the messaging services including group chat, voice mails and of course text messages. It also lets you share files, images, and videos in one simple touch.

It needs access to your contacts and requires you to register with your phone number. This application is available to download for free for the various Android and iOS devices. Multiple subscriptions are also available.

Two way

It is one of the most straightforward applications that does not require you to select a contact for interaction. Instead, it works by choosing a particular geographical area and broadcast the message to that specific area. This app is the best way of interacting with total strangers without the possible risk of leaking your personal information.

This app is entertaining to use, and for the extroverts, it will guarantee an enthralling experience. Also, it provides a more private option for those who want to limit their influence. A keypad is provided to choose a channel, and many channels will be provided to you.

This app is available for download for both Android and iOS platforms.


This traditional app fulfills the walkie-talkie device requirements very efficiently. It works on the push-to-talk methodology, just like the first walkie-talkie device. Also, this device provides various other options such as voice changer, notifications, contacts, and block.

This application uses insufficient data and has worked very well to date. The user experience of this device has been tremendous, and it has fulfilled the walkie-talkie purpose satisfactorily.

The device is available for download on every Android platform and that too for free. In-app purchases or subscriptions may be present.

Zello: Push To Talk 

It is one of the top walkie-talkie mobile applications with an extensive customer base and fantastic rating. It allows live open group communication with people across the globe or privately at your convenience. You can conduct or participate in public conversation pertaining to a particular area and discuss the various current topic.

It is a fantastic app as it helps you connect with people from all walks of life without having to give out your personal information. You can also be less prominent or low key by changing your status to offline.

It does not have any in-app purchases, so security from your children cannot be a concern. Also, you have to pay a monthly fee to enjoy better and more advanced features.

The app is available to download on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Macro Polo

This app is free without any in-app purchases making it a very kid-friendly platform. Also, messages do not get deleted in this app so you can easily keep track of the usage history. This is a face-to-face messaging app with a walkie-talkie twist. This app also has many new filters and emoji, making a very fun app-experience.

This app is also available to download in both android and ios devices.

At the end

Aside from the entertainment aspects, a walkie-talkie can also prove to be beneficial in various real-life scenarios. You can utilize the walkie-talkie apps for conducting your business of catering, wedding planning, event management, etc. Such a device is straightforward to use and comes out to be a handy possession in several high-functioning events.

These apps are some of the best walkie-talkie applications. Install and enjoy a promising walkie-talkie experience.

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