What Is NFC And Why Should I Use It?

The best part about it is that it doesn’t cost anything!

NFC technology is becoming popular by the day thanks to the conveniences it offers. But, what exactly is it and how does one use it? So, let’s dive right in. NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It is basically a way for your smartphone or watch to communicate with something that is close by. NFC generally works with a radius of about 4cm by using a wireless connection between the devices. This method is perfect for two-way communication with both the involved devices being able to send and receive data. One thing to note here is that the NFC connection does not depend on 3G, LTE, or Wi-Fi. The best part about it is that it doesn’t cost anything!


The UK has had it for quite a while now, but it is just becoming more common in the US. In the UK, you may have noted credit or debit card that allows the users to make contactless payments. This is basically due to NFC. An interesting fact here is that Eat, a high street retail chain, was the first one to make use of NFC and this was in 2008. Today, in addition to credit and debit cards, you will be able to use this tech on your smartphone or smartwatch. There are plenty of online services, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Android Pay that works using NFC, allowing you to digitize your wallet and make life more convenient. It is a good idea to understand just how this service works.

How does NFC work?

To put it simply, Near Field Communication basically uses wireless data transfer to detect a device in close proximity to communicate with it without requiring an internet connection. It is fast and reliable. You don’t have to authenticate anything and once you have your digital wallet set up, the process is pretty automatic. The RFID tech used helps the NFC chip with one part of the wireless link. Once this is activated by another chip, the two devices can start communicating data when they are close to each other.

What Is NFC

It does make life easier since there is no need for pairing or one-time passwords. Another advantage of this method is that the chips here use up very low amounts of power, making it a very power-efficient option when compared to others. NFC basically identifies us by using our cards and devices. It could also verify our personal info and bank accounts.

Using NFC

NFC chips are basically embedded within our debit and credit cards. More recently, these chips are coming with our smartphones and watches. To use NFC to make payments, you will first have to set up a digital wallet. This could include Google Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and more. Once done, you will have to add your card to it. Then, simply bring it near the pay terminal and your account will be debited. Besides payment, NFC can also be used to transfer photos and other data. Android Beam is a good option for this.

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