Tic Watch Pro Hits an All-time Low Price

Mobvoi a Chinese firm has a history of making connected watches is now back with a premium wear OS smartwatch. And what’s more surprising is, these watches are now available at its lowest price in the market. Ticwatch Pro offers multiple functionalities with a transparent second display for efficiency and better battery life.

Tic Watch Pro Hits an All-time Low Price

Let’s take a look at the features that they offer.

  • It has NFC for Google pay and GPS. With this, it rights the wrong of previous versions of Tic watches.
  • It has an IP68 waterproofing system, but it’s recommended not to use it while swimming.
  • The design and body of the watch combine leather and silicon which does have a certain weight but doesn’t look clumsy at all.
  • This watch uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 chipset offering 512MB of RAM.
  • It has 4GB storage for your apps and music.

Aside from what’s in-built with any Wear OS device, Mobvoi has introduced some of its own apps which mostly focus on activity, workout, and health.

It can monitor your heart rate normal and, on the fly, cycling rate, running distance, etc. There is GPS and a heart activity tracker for your outdoor activities throughout the day.

Where you can find these watches?

Don’t worry! They are available online on Amazon or you can order them directly from their official web page. When all the features come at such a low price, why not buy it! Ladies and Gentlemen out there, grab this piece for yourself which looks truly exquisite and trendy.

Who can wear these watches?

There’s a lot to love about the Tic Watch Pro, right from strap designs to premium packed features. These watches are for those seeking for a smartwatch that can do multiple different tasks simultaneously and has top-notch features and is available at an affordable price.

If you wish to have a wrist day-to-day smartwatch which you can wear every day and allows you to exercise with the watch on. This revolutionary watch can help you keep updated and active all day long!

Should you buy it?

Nearly everything about this watch fascinates us, so what not buy it! There’s –

  • A top to end power with an efficient processor
  • Lots of sensors for fitness and activity
  • The extended battery life along with dual display

All the above features come at an affordable price. Mobvoi made a wonderful remark by selling products at the lowest price in all countries. You may or may not have heard about these Tic watches, but these are the most trusted and genuine smartwatch collections you can find in today’s time.

At the end

The Tic Watch Pro is one of the most premium smartwatches in the market and its dual-screen technology is a genuinely innovative idea that blends the functionality of usual watch along with top-end Wear OS device. With its affordable price, a premium design and good features, the Ticwatch Pro is one of the best smartwatches you can buy this year.

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