Where Did Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha Go?

This futuristic smartphone has a feature of the flexible screen.

As the year ended, it left the smartphone users with an important question, what on earth happened to Xiaomi’s futuristic smartphone, the Mi Mix Alpha one? It created a worldwide buzz when it was presented in September 2019, stating that it would become available in the last week of December 2019. It would have become Xiaomi’s new year’s gift to the smartphone watchers.

Mi Mix Alpha’s Features

This futuristic smartphone has a feature of the flexible screen that can wrap itself around the edges, who wouldn’t want that? This model promised viewers that it would have a triple camera setup, including a 108-megapixel shooter. This smartphone makes the Chinese tech company’s most expensive flagship!

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha
Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha


Despite all the possible competitors of Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha, Huawei dared to launch its foldable Mate X in November 2019.

Promise Of Future

Its been more than a month, and yet the Chinese tech company doesn’t have a date for Mi Mix Alpha’s launch, probably due to the technical endeavours it carries, but they have said they would launch it as soon as they can. They are just speculations flying in the air of technology until we know more about the smartphone’s launch. The phone did cast a lasting appearance on Alibaba’s T-mall and Xiaomi’s online store in December but could not be bought by the smartphone searchers!

Last Word

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait for an undisclosed amount of time for Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha smartphone to get launched! With such breath-taking features intact, the smartphone users find it difficult to wait around.

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