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YouTube Music Is Adding Three Spotify-like Personalised Playlists

Now enjoy similar services on YouTube Music!

YouTube Music is now adding three personalized playlists, named Discover Mix, New Release Mix, and Your Mix. Although Apple Music, Spotify, and other music streaming apps already had similar programs, YouTube is the latest to join them. Spotify’s Discover Weekly became a huge hit among the users. Discover Mix by YouTube Mix was tested fully. Now, they are being made available for YouTube Music users around the world.

At the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019, the company talked about its plans to introduce these three mixes. Neal Mohan, YouTube Chief Product Officer, talked about this plan where they have used a combination of human curation and machine learning to offer better offerings to their users. The Discover Mix works in a manner quite similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. It will help users discover new music and artists. Users will receive suggestions on tracks that they have never listened to before and lesser-known tracks from artists that they already know and like. What is new here is that this playlist would be able to leverage historical listening data on YouTube and YouTube Music, unlike other music streaming services.

YouTube Music Discover Mix
YouTube Music Discover Mix

Discover Mix

The Discover mix offers the users 50 tracks to listen every week. It automatically updates every Wednesday. The New Release Mix, as the name suggests, will consist of the recent release by top artists of your choice and other that YouTube feels you will like based on your history. This mix updates every Friday. However, it adds other tracks as and when needed, even in the middle of the week.

Your Mix is the third playlist introduced. This will have the kind of music you like with songs that you have not listened to yet. If YouTube thinks you will like it depending on your history, it will add those tracks to this playlist. It does not update once a week. Instead, it updates regularly so that you can always stay updated with new tracks.

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

How does it work?

Naturally, the more you use the service, the better your mixes will become. This is because the engine gets a chance to understand more about your taste in music. However, YouTube claims that it can get started by offering personalized mixes as soon as a user gets started. All one has to do is to select some of their favourite artists. YouTube uses this as a base and creates mixes. As you continue listening to songs, it will update your mixes to reflect your choices.

These mixes are a result of Google’s investment in its music streaming service. Google recently made YouTube Music the default music app that comes with new Android devices. So, Google Play Music is no longer be the default music app. According to reports, YouTube Music has taken over Spotify and JioSaavn in India. This is a huge blow for Spotify since India was a major market for them in spite of entering pretty late. The new mixes are available now the music streaming service on Android, iOS, and even on the web version.

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