LG G7 One gets Android 10 update

Hopefully, the update is rolled out soon to other areas as well.

LG G7 One is an Android One based phone. This smartphone is all set to receive an update to Android 10. Earlier this month, LG G8 ThinQ received its Android 10 update. However, this was only for users in South Korea. Other LG devices are running on Android Pie at the moment. LG G7 One was released last year. It runs on Android One, which is Google’s attempt at providing a stock Android experience without the OEM branding. One major benefit of this is that users would be able to receive Android updates almost immediately.

We have successfully reached a stage where we receive new OS upgrades regularly, instead of once in a blue moon. Currently, Samsung started rolling out Android 10 to its 2019 flagships. Sony, Motorola, and LG followed suit. The latest one to receive Android 10 update is LG’s G7 One. Although the company is still working on this, the process has started. The G7 One was also the first LG phones receive the Pie update last year. The update is being rolled out in North America and hopefully, will soon be made available for other areas.

LG G7 One
LG G7 One

It looks like LG is taking full and complete advantage of Android One updates. It would be a 750 MB update and will come with the November 2019 security patch. The latest Android OS Upgrade offers improved camera functionality and enhanced usability via Google Patch. The LG G7 One is not the Android One phone to receive Android 10. OnePlus phones, Motorola One Power and Nokia 7.1 also received updates to Android 10 in the last week.

LG G7 One

While the first LG model to receive an update to Android 10 was G8 ThinQ, it was only for users in South Korea. Now, the G7 One model is all set to receive an update to Android 10 across North America. This smartphone was first released in 2018 as part of the Android One Program. That is why it does not come as a shock to know that it is one of the first LG phones to receive the latest update.

Of course, it is weird to see that LG’s mid-range phone is receiving Android 10 updates while its flagship models are still waiting for the same. Considering the fact that this is an Android One device and they usually have a very similar build to Pixel models; it is a bit surprising to see why it has taken this long. All in all, it was probably easier to update this and move on to the flagship devices.

LG G7 One Android 10 Update
LG G7 One Android 10 Updat

LG G7 One gets Android 10 update

The Android 10 update from LG G7 One model is being launched for the units in Canada. This 741MB over-the-air download will soon be made available for other areas as well. Besides the new OS version (of course!), you will be able to enjoy improved features as well. The very fact that updates have started rolling out gives us hope that it would be soon be made available for other regions and other phones.

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