2FA Security Keys For Your Google Account Can Now Be Set Up From Android Devices

While all of us value our privacy and security, a few of us might be too lazy to take active steps towards ensuring that which could pose a problem. Not all of your account can be set up with two-factor authentication. To help us deal better with it, Google just removed one barrier. Now, users would be able to enrol 2FA Security Keys from Android using Chrome and Safari (for macOS users).

2FA Security Keys
2FA Security Keys

This move was announced sometime earlier today on the G Suite blog. At the moment, it is live. If you make your wat to the security settings section of your Google account, you will notice that the system is now in place to help you go ahead with the setup process. It works perfectly well with most devices, with Pixel users being able to breeze through. You can add a Titan USB key to the account via NFC without any issues at all.

Along with this, Google also announced support for registering the 2FA Security Keys via Safari on macOS. This means that if you don’t want to use Chrome on your Mac, you will now be able to use the other option for setting up security measures on your Google account. Do note that devices will need to be Android 7.0 Nougat or later and Chrome v70 or later. Naturally, they will also need to support NFC, USB OTG, Bluetooth, or any mechanism that you are trying to use. The best part here is the fact that users can now add a hardware 2FA security key to their Google account from Chrome using just their Android devices.

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