Get Gold Play Points Status Through 2021 When You Upgrade Your Google One Storage To 2TB

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Google’s Gold Play Points scheme is designed to allow users to spend on anything you fancy in the Play Store. They are awarded freebies quite often and even permission to access something nee when it comes up. However, if you are already paying for Google One cloud storage, then you can get even better rewards with a big upgrade. Even if not, you can use the time to get the bonus. As of now, Google One members spending about $10 a month for 2TB of cloud storage will be upgraded to Gold level. This is the second-top out of the four tiers.

Gold Play Points Status
Gold Play Points Status

Basically, for every dollar one spends on the Play Store, they will be receiving 1.2 gold play points. This includes in-app purchases, music, apps, movies, books, and more. If the user purchases certain promotional item a week, they get huge multipliers as well along with a weekly prize of up to 200 points. These gold play points then can be converted to credits and used for Play Store purchases. If you want, you can also convert this into cash.

For all those enrolling in the 2TB plan through November 30 will be allowed to redeem Gold status. This can be done by visiting the Play Points section in the Play Store app before December 31. Users will be able to enjoy the Gold status till the end of 2021. This is, of course, as long as their cloud storage is at that level too. This is the latest in news with Google improving One membership with other benefits including hotel discounts and rebates of certain purchases on Google Play Store.

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