A Headstart To The Overwatch League On Ambitious Global Schedule

The Overwatch League opened its third season earlier in the month in New York City and Arlington, Texas. It was indeed a thing to watch both the venues get sold out and packed with fans.

A Headstart To The Overwatch League On Ambitious Global Schedule

It is true when people say that ESports fans are no different than traditional sports fans. The venues packed about 2000 seats. It is validating the Overwatch League’s ambitious dream of globalized video gaming leagues.

The matches earlier this month were hosted by Excelsior and the Dallas Fuel. The organizers are excited and ready to take on the booming industry for video gaming that shall reach a global vision soon.

The Event Details

The festivities at the start of the OWL are including 52 events in the list. It is bringing in competition to more than 20 areas across Europe, North America, and Asia. This is the first time, whether for a traditional sport or esports to schedule a regular-season gaming program.

OWL, on the other hand, says that they are still experimenting with the global vision to find the best fitting outcome for the industry. It emphasizes the need for esports to involve in bringing live events throughout the year in order to make it a global phenomenon.

In the earlier years, Overwatch League has hosted its seasons in Los Angeles. But this year, Blizard Entertainment has begun its city-based experiment with New York City and Texas. In this schedule, each of the franchises will be hosting two to five weekends of competition during the 26-week regular season until August.

The Stats

Coming to stats, Overwatch League has witnessed a whopping 1.12 million viewers in 2019, which shall only grow in the newer seasons with all the innovative schedules and locations.

While some of the OWL fans were concerned about the slow momentum of the league, OWL has confirmed that it is only working with its strategy for the best possible outcome. It has stacked the schedules according to the territorial regions instead of rushing it across the globe.


Blizard has scheduled the games by splitting the middle of the season, mostly in Europe. Then hops on to a four-week trip in China. However, dates and locations in China have been disrupted by the outbreak of coronavirus. OWL is yet to confirm the particulars for the country.

In the seasons earlier, there were many players lost due to homesickness. But now, with the large international player pool, the numbers for travel-weary players have significantly gone down. Further, players shall be tested this year before moving on with the competition procedures.

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