Fossil Sport Review

You can load and use multiple apps simultaneously and never feel it lagging.

Fossil, one of the best watchmakers out there, has been in the smartwatch industry for close to 5 years now. With Google finding their own interest in buying out the technology that it succeeded in has made the watch even more attractive. With their watches being powered by Vanilla Wear OS, it just makes it simple for every user to use the watch in their own way. When it comes to watches powered with Wear OS, Fossil, without doubt, is the best one available in the market. Let’s take a look at this Fossil Sport Review.

Design and Specifications

With multiple users focusing on sports, the need of the hour is a sports smartwatch. It takes precedence over the traditional one. As the name goes, the manufacturer has chosen to christen their latest model according to what it was intended for. It has a sporty and trendy look that goes well with almost anything. You will find an aluminium ring around the display that comes in handy when you want to change the straps for formal wear. There are also multiple colours on the trim – gold, black, blue, red, pink or yellow. Do note that this choice will have to be made upfront since you will not be able to change the trims later on. The straps can be changed easily. Thankfully, it is priced on the lower end, allowing users to swap easily.

Fossil Sport Smartwatch
Fossil Sport Smartwatch

The watch is water-resistant as well. This will ensure that it is not damaged as you have a shower or if you are swimming in a pool. The watch is about 0.47 inches thick and weighs close to 25 grams, which is ultra-light. You will find three controls on the right-hand side of the watch. The main crown of the watch is scrollable, which means that you will not have to worry about scrolling through the menu when your hand or watch is wet. The other buttons found on the top and bottom are customizable, and you can use these for almost any purpose. What you want them to be configured can be done via the app. The default strap that comes with the watch is awesome!


There are 2 sizes available in the market – the 41mm and the 43mm. Both of these are water-resistant up to 5ATM. While many have noted that the display is poor in sunlight, it is sharp and clear under normal conditions. The bezels around the watch are thick and look odd at times but for the pricing, this is not too bad. The display is 1.19 x 390 x 390 inches OLED display. On the backside of the watch, you will find a glass layer that has the heart rate sensor and two contact points using which you will be able to charge your watch.

Fossil Sport Review
Fossil Sport Review


The Fossil Sport runs on the latest wearable chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon Wear 3100. Naturally, the watch feels super-fast. The smartwatch comes with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. Thanks to these specs, you can be sure that the apps on the watch are ultra-responsive and the battery life is unbelievable. For some, updates may take a while, but once that is done, you are ready to tear ahead. You can load and use multiple apps simultaneously and never feel it lagging.

Thanks to the abundance of storage, you can freely loan more apps, more music, and so on. There is nothing to stop you. Obviously, you can only load your favourite tracks and not the entire library! The watch also comes with NFC, meaning you can easily make contactless payment using services like Google Pay. It is compatible and works well with both iOS and Android devices.


The Fossil Sport Smartwatch is designed to be swim-proof. It comes with fitness trackers, a heart rate monitor, and GPS. Since the Sport model is completely focused on fitness, you will find that the trackers on the watch are pretty accurate. The watch itself boasts of long battery life, light build, and accurate sensors, allowing you to use it, no matter what you are doing. The accelerometer, GPS, and heart rate monitor all play a role in helping you track your activities better. Using this data, you can improve your workouts.

Fossil Sport Design
Fossil Sport Design

On the downside, you may notice the watch taking a bit of time to pick up a GPS signal. That’s an area for improvement. If you plan to use the watch with an iPhone, you will have content yourself with using the fitness options in the WearOS app. The Google Play Store has some much better ones. Regarding workouts, you should find tons of pre-configured workouts available. If you are looking for a device that can track every minute of your workout, you may not be happy with this product. Fossil Sport is swim-proof, which means you will be able to swim with it and track the activity as well.

Battery Life

The Fossil Sport smartwatch can last for about two days on a single charge. The always-on display is optional, and you can switch it off if you want the watch to last longer. There is also a low power mode which you can enable if you are going out somewhere and don’t have your charger on you.

Verdict: Fossil Sport Review

To wrap up, Fossil Sport smartwatch is not a product that is designed with dozens of stunning features. Yes, it does have the most features that we need. However, if you want a smartwatch having all the high-end features, this may not be the right one for you. This is an affordable model that is fast and responsive. The fact that it has a reliable fitness tracker and a good battery life make it an amazing option to consider. Aesthetics-wise, the watch looks lovely, but again, it is not the ideal pick if you are looking for a luxurious one.

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