Android 10 rolling out for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

It seems it is just a week ago or a month ago when android 9 was launched for One Plus 7 and 7 PRO. Well, now android 10 is about to launch for the very desirous One plus 7 and7 PRO. Hold your heart because this time when android 10 is about to roll out for the One Plus 7 and 7 PRO you really to read the whole article to know about further information.

Android 10

It is even said that the implementation of the One Plus is even better than Google. And it has brought all the good features. One plus 7 and 7 Pro is going to introduce some new Game space feature which would work as a unified hub for the game lovers and many more.

Features of android 10 rolling out for the One plus 7 and 7 pro

Those who have had used even android version 9 of one plus and 7 PRO, they know what exactly it is going to serve. Here are some of them.

    • The brand new UI design
    • Game space
    • Fullscreen gestures
    • Added a bottom navigation bar to permit switching left or right for the recent apps.
    • Introduces new game space functions. It has brought all of your favorite games in one place for easy and simple access and better gaming experience.
    • There is a new customization function in settings permitting one for choosing icon shapes to their display in the Quick Settings.
    • Message – along with this it is possible in blocking spam by keywords for message and the process is Message- Spam- settings – Blocking settings.
    • Smart display – there is a good thing about a smartphone that offers intelligent info based on particular times, events and locations and events for Ambient display. (settings- display- ambient display – smart display)
    • Personalized location permissions for privacy
    • Upgrade to Android 10

Highlights of One plus 7 and 7 pro

Android 10 rolling out for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro

Game space

As this one is ready to launch its new Game Space features an effort of making tan ambiance for the game lover. By doing this, it will offer a good gaming experience and full of a variety of games.


The message is one of the important things which has always given a simple design to its category. But Oneplus7 and 7 PRO help users in blocking spam with the help of keywords for the message.


It includes a new redesigned user interface and escalated location permissions for privacy. There is more with this category which is a new customization feature in settings permitting users for choosing icon shapes. This feature is going to be introduced in quick settings.

Fullscreen gestures

This feature includes facilities such as inward swipes from the left or right edge of the screen for going back. There will also be a bottom navigation bar for allowing switching left or right for current apps.

Above are the features which One plus 7 and 7 Pro is offering to its every one of its users.

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