Apple Wins The Tag Of Biggest Smartphone Vendor 2020 As Samsung Stands Down

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology giant from America that is known for its industry-first innovations and cutting-edge technologies. Launched on 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs, it is headquartered in California U.S. The company manufactures smartphones (iPhone), laptops (Mac), tablets (iPad), music players (iPod) that has won the brand a massive base of loyal worldwide customers.

Innovation is at the core for Apple Inc., be it smartphones, laptops, watches, all devices are power-packed with technology differentiators stand out in the clutter. The devices boast of premium design, superior quality, and sound integration of hardware, and software that packs in a punch to keep up with the fast-paced lives of millennials. They are multi-taskers with excellent performance and high-security system that ensures a seamless customer experience.

Samsung vs Apple
Samsung vs Apple

In the fourth quarter of 2019, 20% of all smartphones sold worldwide was an Apple iPhone. Apple has been amongst the top 5 smartphone vendors in the world since 2009. According to IDC, Apple has shipped a 73.8 million iPhones in 4Q19 to secure with year-on-year growth of 7.9%. With this, the brand achieved the top position, 68.8 million units shipped by Samsung. Apple holds about 19% of the global share of the smartphone market, whereas Samsung holds only 18% of the stock.


Apple launches upgraded versions of multiple devices, each of which has better performance, superior camera quality than the previous one. The world-class products are an embodiment of the company’s sustained effort to deliver industry-leading innovations for global millennial consumers. The latest iPhone 11 series fared particularly well in developed regions like the U.S. and Europe while iPhone XR maintained its popularity globally.

The Apple Company had made an estimated profit of $22.2 billion and total revenue of $91.8, which had made history as the most profitable company. It has known to ship about 70.7 million smartphones in the last quarter of 2019, while Samsung was left behind with a little margin at 68.8 million. Launching a few of the bestselling smartphones pretty frequently, Apple has definitely made its ground stronger than it was in the earlier years. While Samsung also keeps unfolding its flagship devices every now and then, it is still a go a long way from what Apple has achieved in the present year.

This standoff only means a beginning to the close competition that the two companies are going to experience all throughout 2020. One of the significant drawbacks of Samsung devices is the failing chipsets. This is what has taken Apple a notch higher in its overall market.

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