Amazfit GTR Lite Review

Let us quickly go over what makes the Amazfit GTR Lite great.

Finding a smartwatch that strikes the right balance between price and features can be a challenge, especially considering all the different options the market offers. The Amazfit GTR Lite from Huami – which is backed by consumer electronics behemoth Xiaomi – does an excellent job of finding the right balance of features and pricing. Let us quickly go over what makes the Amazfit GTR Lite great.

Amazfit GTR Lite Syncing
Amazfit GTR Lite Syncing


The GTR Lite boasts an attractive and sturdy design. The aluminium-alloy build gives it some heft, and the ceramic bezels make for a premium finish. The silicone strap is less than ideal; however, it’s justified considering the low price. Silicone is great if you have sensitive skin since it does not chafe your skin.

Amazfit GTR Lite Sports Modes
Sports Modes

The buttons on the side of the watch are perfectly sized and give you satisfyingly tactile feedback when pressed. The watch is 5 ATM water-resistant – you can swim with it without worrying about breaking it.


The large, 1.39” circular screen is one of the biggest selling points of the GTR Lite. The decent 454 x 454 resolution AMOLED panel is bright and sharp, and you won’t have any trouble with visibility. The display also boasts a decent pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, and the 100+ watch faces make the watch super customizable.

Watch Front
Amazfit GTR Lite Front


The Amazfit GTR Lite does have a decent set of features – nothing new, though. However, considering the price, this is justified, and the body and display are some of the best you’ll see in this price range. Notifications are forwarded to your smartwatch, and you can also control music playback from the watch. You can reject incoming calls from the watch, but cannot answer them. There are some other essential functions, such as a stopwatch, an alarm clock, a compass, a find my phone feature, and a weather app. The find my phone feature only works within the Bluetooth range.

Amazfit GTR Lite Features
Amazfit GTR Lite Features

It comes with a BioTracker PPG Heart-Rate sensor with a 6-axis acceleration sensor. These sensors enable the watch to track and monitor your heart-rate accurately. The sleep tracking feature is also accurate, and the watch gives you a good overall look at your health.

The smartwatch features eight exercise modes: Walking, Outdoor Running, Treadmill Running, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Elliptical Machine, Swimming, and Exercising. The last mode tracks all the other activities you might do – from yoga to dancing. The watch does not come with GPS built-in.

Amazfit GTR Lite Feat
Amazfit GTR Lite Feat


The Amazfit GTR Lite features a 410 mAh battery, which will last you more than three weeks when used moderately. The watch lasts around 24 days in the normal usage mode – with sleep tracking and heart rate tracking on. If you pick the basic watch mode, all the features are turned off, and the watch will last over two months. The watch charges up in two hours – which is quick!

Bio Sensor
Amazfit GTR Lite Bio Sensor


This smartwatch is one of the best bang-for-the-buck smartwatches in the market right now. It boasts solid build quality, great features, and a large battery. It does lack some features – the lack of GPS and the limited exercise modes can be a deal-breaker for some. Overall, though, the GTR Lite is a great smartwatch available for an excellent price.


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