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Best Android apps for Taxes Filing

For most of them, filling their taxes is one of the toughest times they experience. A few of them may input their health insurance information and other W-2 details into a laptop or computer and enjoy a tax return. However, other tax filers may experience various difficulties such as difficult tax stuff, plenty of weird details, student loan interest, retirement interest, self-employment tax, and Schedule C.

Best Android apps for Taxes Filing

You can find numerous options to file your tax online and a few of them may prefer to utilize the available tax services such as H&R Block, TurboTax, and many more. However, there are numerous other tools to prepare their taxes like expense tracker, tax preparation methods, and many more. A huge variety of topics are available for reference. Many users utilize the Android apps to file their taxes online.

Best Android Apps for Taxes Filing

Find below a list of best Android apps available across the online platform for taxes filing:

TurboTax SnapTax

TurboTax is one of the best and most popular android apps for taxes filing that comes with a full suite to file your tax, estimate your cash refund, and also assist you to exactly track the cash refund to your bank account. This TurboTax SnapTax App is available for each device such as Kindle, iPhone, and Android. Within a few minutes, you can easily handle to straightforward your tax claim to file. You simply download the app (for free), snap a photo of your W-2, answer a few questions, and file from the app or online.

Turbo Tax- Android app for Taxes Filing

A tax filing may cost around $30 per file and it is not required to pay until you complete the file. It is an excellent app and does not utilize by everyone. In case, if you don’t have your own house, unemployment income, have only W-2 interest, and earn less than $100K then this Android app will work much better for you. If it is a more complicated situation then opt for other available options.

H&R Block Tax Prep

The best tax return Android app is referred to as H&R Block will offer tax preparation service for in-person. It allows the users to file their own taxes, or make use of the app to arrange an in-person meeting with the best tax preparer. Similar to the TurboTax, H&R Block Tax Prep gives you the option of taking a picture of your W-2. It can easily eradicate complicated forms or minor opportunities for mistakes.

H&R Block Tax Prep

You can even freely switch between working on your taxes on your phone and doing them on your computer or tablet. That makes it easy to get some work done on your taxes while you’re on the go. H&R Block Tax Prep App is available for Kindle Fire devices, Android, and iOS. You’re eligible for free tax filing if you have a simple tax situation, much like TurboTax’s requirements.


MyTaxRefund answers the one big question taxpayers have once they’re through with their filing: “Where’s my refund?” Users will be able to see the status of both federal and state returns–whether they’re pending, accepted or rejected, as well as when they might be able to find that highly anticipated check in the mail. Plus, you don’t have to be a TurboTax customer to use the app.


Mint is an all-in-one budget and expenses app. You can log in with your bank accounts and various other accounts. This Android app will track your entire expenses, and showcase the budget & expenses in useful graphs.

Mint Budget, Bills, & Finance Tracker

You can perform the usual stuff and check your balanced budget. It is also possible to track your tax receipts for essential purposes as well. This is one of the best Taxes filing apps to perform credit monitoring, expense tracking, and budgeting.

DocVault & TaxACT Central

Currently, TaxACT doesn’t offer an Android App for filing your taxes or claim. But, you can utilize the TaxACT Central App that comes with numerous features such as Calendar Due dates, interactive checklist, and many more to assist the users to organize their tax season through the website or not. Even the DocVault App from TaxACT is also much useful.

Users can capture the images of any important or essential tax documents, upload them through the App, and if required they can also edit the documents. Hence, it is not required to search your office drawers during the tax filing time. Just upload the document images within TaxACT and your file will be ready within a few seconds. Both DocVault & TaxACT apps are available for Android & iOS devices free of cost.


Of course, any round-up of tax apps would be remiss if it ignored the official mobile app of the IRS. This App is available for both iPhone & Android, allows the user to follow the IRS App through the Social media platform, can receive daily tips & tax updates, track your tax refund status, and request your tax records.

IRS2Go Tax Filling Android app

Within a few business working days, the users will receive an email to their registered email account. It is not required to get distracted by the IRS Tumblr or YouTube Channel, just enjoy accessing the apps and get tax filing.


TaxSlayer App is available for both Android and iOS devices. It helps the users to plan their taxes earlier and even allow them to start the tax-time budgeting. You can get an estimate of your taxes by entering your W-2 or just a copy of your paycheck. That means you can get started on your taxes early, long before you have all the forms you to actually file. TaxSlayer will use that information to gauge how much you’ll owe or be owed when you file your taxes.

TaxSlayer Android Apps for Taxes Filing

It is also possible to start your savings early by identifying the big tax bill earlier and work on it. TaxSlayer will offer its software with 5 different options and comes with free of cost. If you just need to file a form 1040EZ, for simple tax situations, you can use TaxSlayer Simply Free. Military personnel is eligible for a 50% discount on the version of the software that they need.


AskaCPA App will allow the users to get answers to their questions. This app is available for both Android and iPhone device and also get appropriate tax-related information from anyone a CPA directly. It is also possible to access the Q&A database from other users as well. The AskaCPA App will showcase the list of locally available accountants and seek their guidance.

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