Huawei P30 Review

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Huawei P30 is one of the excellent product with the best camera and attractive features which is designed with optical zoom clarity and night mode options on the handset is completely classy in look.

Huawei P30 Review


Huawei P30 product is one of the series competitions with the structure of the camera with one plus 7 pro device. When comparing both the camera devices P30 gives excellent results with night light zoom and ultra-wide with excellent and attractive features strength.

If we compare it to other devices, it stands first with camera clarity. You can clearly differentiate the handset with other trendy products with recent technologies. This is one of the different and attractive products with multiple features.

Huawei P30 has lots of features. With the overall performance, it is fully supported by the Google OS Android device. It is one of the secured mobile introduced in the market. Therefore, you will have complete security product updates.

Now there is no individual without any handy smart mobile phones which has become a trend, in this trendy market this Huawei P30 that stands alone in its performance and competition.

Huawei P30 Overview

Availability of product and price

The product is completely available from March 26, 2019, in European countries, which is designed with 6GB Ram and internal storage with 128 GB with multiple color variations you can choose the best degree as per your choice. The product is also very comfortable regarding the price budget. You can choose the product according to your budget and needs.

Smart mobile phones have recently become popular due to its features, specifications, and performance. And now every individual is handling Smartphone devices and these people should clearly know about the product specification and features during the time when they buy the Smartphone devices in the market.

Since a lot of devices build with a different type of applications is available in the market people should particularly choose their best choice according to their needs. Only based upon their need they should pick up the smartphone devices.

Huawei P30 tested with Apple iPhone

Huawei P30 product when it was tested with the Apple iPhone in its camera specifications Huawei P30 stood alone with its excellent camera design and output clarity. The display was ultimately excellent and particularly spotted the wide-area clearly.

It supports even night mode objects that were very darker. This is one of the surprises Huawei P30 bumps that were introduced recently with better results. This is an amazing product with an extraordinary powerful process and a different design.

Its features and settings are excellent and it stands different from other products. Mainly, this product stands alone for its photography session when it was introduced in the year 2019 March 26th. Regular updates will be given from the Huawei product, which will be very useful for updating android updates in this competitive world.

Huawei product is available in European countries but currently, US peoples are not using this Huawei P30 since it is still working to clear the software issues for the US network. Huawei P30 product is famous in the entire European countries from March 26, 2019, onwards and recently they have introduced the version to Australia.

Best camera clarity

Huawei P30 is one popular product for the camera it is designed with triple camera load which gives you the best result compared to Samsung and Apple products. Huawei P30 product is designed with ultra super spectrum wide range 40 megapixels and ethically it is capable to capture a wide range of pictures with a rich look.

Particularly it is capable of capturing even in low light conditions, which is one of the extra features added to it. Even taking selfies is it has autofocus mode, so you can edit by using close up and even distant objects.

It is an excellent product with front-facing and back-facing the camera with high qualities. And now this stands the best product for camera facilities that offer additional time flight mode with depth sensing feature.

Display and design of the product

This particular product is designed with the same size as Samsung Galaxy S10 and this product is a little bit heavier. Back and the front portion of the Huawei P30 is constructed with gorilla Corning glasses.

Display and design of Huawei P30

It has stylish rounded edges, sleeks and it is filled with extra premium cover with the flat handset which is tightly rounded together to give you a prominent classy look.

The headphone is one of the surprising products with USB port, wireless headphones, and a colorful shining look. It is designed with excellent features and impressive touch mode.

It has a front-facing camera with full HD plus mode, which will give you a greater brightness with vivid colors. You can adjust the maximum brightness display on the screen to get an excellent look at the difference in the product.


This product is designed with an Octa-core processor with 6GB Ram and 128 GB expandable memory card devices with 3 rear cameras. It is designed with a 3450 mAh battery and it is completely designed AMOLED display.


This product gives you an amazing stunning look with different colors like-

    • Pearl White
    • Boring black
    • Amber sunrise
    • Breathing crystal
    • Silver sleek extra with curved 3D edges.

It is one of the amazing products, which are popularly available in the market.  Also, the performance level is very high compared to other products.

You have the option of choosing vivid and normal mode color performances. The option will be very useful while you watch movies. Battery life is also very excellent it is one of the greatest technology in Huawei products.


Based on the above reviews, this product is simply excellent. It has all the extraordinary features, especially the camera. Also, the camera specification will give you a stunning look designed with a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

It is one of the very good technology products by Huawei. Hence, it will give you a different experience with this software and also in experiencing personally.

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