Destiny 2 Players Spent Weeks Grinding to End the Dreaming City’s curse

But May Have Made Things Worse

With three new subclasses, well-made campaign, and a lot of amazing activities which have been the base of existing game, Destiny 2 started to hold the ship with the arrival of Forsaken expansion. The first year was quite full of ups and downs for the players. After completing the Last Wish and Riven raid, the Dreaming City zone was evolved where the players experienced.

It has changed a bit within three weeks with look and feel, featured enemies, and certain unlocked features, such as the dungeon of Shattered Throne. The cycle starts the grind one year later and players started wondering if it will end.

Destiny 2 Players Spent Weeks Grinding

When the Last Wish raid was first finished in Destiny 2 by Team Redeem, the curse cycle of the Dreaming City was started. It also revealed the endless Curse of 3 weeks. Later on, the cycle starts once again within the next 3 weeks. Since Forsaken, it has been continued and there is no actual news as when it will end finally. There is still lack of official announcement regarding this for Bungie. There are also rumors that the true end of curse cycle might happen with Shadowkeep.

When Dreaming City curse will actually end?

If you are not a kind of Lore person but a lore reader, you might have heard it earlier. Bungie has officially announced with Shadowkeep that there will be no Power Cap and players can go endless in Destiny 2 with Power Level. In Forsaken, it says the following statement when it comes to Truth to Power Lore.

Dreaming City curse will end

“You bring another battle trophy Medusa before Rahool? Post-Foreboding, Pre-Collapse is a covert intelligence which has been designed to keep track on high-risk mission. Let me decrypting her to you.” He issues a lot of tokens for you, a rare shader, fusion rifle and a letter. The letter speaks, “Defeat Dûl Incaru and achieve Light Level 999 in one-person team to unlock the ideal end of Dreaming City.”

The idea behind breaking the curse of The Dreaming City to enable the game to move ahead also matches with the plans of Bungie for the Season of the Undying. In the final blog of Director’s Cut teased by Luke Smith, each season will consist of a specific situation which will be fixed by the end. It will also help create a new situation for the next season.

It will be nice to see how it shows players as who will ultimately acquire Annual Pass or the ones who might miss the entirety or part of the season. Bungie hasn’t announced if or how it adds players who come later.

This lore entry is a trickery and lie by Dûl Incaru. But what if we are going to have the real ending of the curse of the Dreaming City? It could be the reason in Shadowkeep behind no Power Cap. What do you think in this matter?

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep has been released on October 1, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and later on Google Stadia in November.

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