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How To Enable Touch Controls For Stadia Games On Android

Stadia is Google’s game-streaming service. Its strict controller requirements have raised a lot of confusions and questions. You can only play Stadia games with the official Stadia controller that needs to be plugged in via USB. This is true for even Android phones. This requirement, Controls For Stadia Games, has put a restriction on its ability as a portable gaming service. While Google has already announced that it is working on changing these conditions, Reddit user SmashShock has found a way around it. Google says that it is working on introducing other controller options in the near future.

Controls For Stadia Games
Controls For Stadia Games

According to the Reddit user, you can use a hack and make Stadia easier to play on your mobile device. SmashShock’s TouchStadia program allows you to enable touchscreen controls for both Android and desktop PCs. This lets the users play Stadia games without needing a controller to be plugged in. So, how can you do this? Learn how to set up Controls For Stadia Games.

Chrome users will simply need to install the TouchStadia Chrome extension. However, Android users have a slightly longer procedure. Open the TouchStadia code link, copy the text, and open the Stadia Desktop site on Chrome. Click on the URL and type javascript: and paste the copied code. Pressing Enter will run the code. As soon as a connection has been established, you will see a notification. Players can easily control the game with the on-screen button overlay. Chrome users can use CTRL+; to enable the edit mode.

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