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Ghost Of Tsushima Gets Free Dynamic Playstation 4 Theme, Available Through January 2020

It will be made available for both PS4 and PS5.

Sucker Punch recently threw out some news. This revolved around the fact that Ghost of Tsushima received a new free dynamic theme for PlayStation 4. It has been designed from the latest trailer of the game. All you need is a code which you will then have to redeem. Make sure that the code you grab is the correct one, since PlayStation codes are region-specific. Once you get the correct code, feed it to your PS4. The news came early last year December with Sucker Punch posted a tweet mentioning the news. The Ghost of Tsushima dynamic theme basically features a figure standing in a forest as leaves fall from the trees. It is fantastic and we cannot wait to try it out soon enough!

Ghost Of Tsushima
Ghost Of Tsushima

After the release of Infamous First Light in 2014, this is the first launch by Sucker Punch Productions. The previous game was unveiled at the October 2017 at Paris Games Week. Soon after, it was followed by gameplay at E3 2018. Looking at this, we see that it has been about a year and a half until the Game Awards 2019 where Ghost of Tsushima came out.

Ghost of Tsushima

So, what is this all about the Ghost of Tsushima? This game is set during the Mongolian invasion of Japan in 1274 CE. During this time, over a thousand Mongol soldiers landed in the Tsushima island and completely gained control of the island soon after. Players take the role of a Samurai warrior named Jin. He is forced to adapt to the new conditions and play his role as a Ghost to survive and fight against the Mongols.

The trailer focused on the lone samurai story where Jin Sakai is the last samurai left standing. The trailer has some elements that remind us of Sekiro, a popular game released last year. They have managed to get the atmosphere, design, and aesthetics quite right for this time period. Jin will have to work on his battle techniques as he would definitely need more than his traditional samurai methods.

Ghost Of Tsushima for PS4
Ghost Of Tsushima for PS4

The release

This game is not yet out. It is expected to release sometime in the summer of 2020 for PlayStation 4. The latest trailer for the game is from The Game Awards 2019. While there have been no particular PlayStation 5 developments mentioned, it could no doubt be mentioned closer to the release date. Many have been under the impression that Sony might play this close to the chest, holding the release of the Ghost of Tsushima back for a while. The idea behind this would have been to introduce it as an early PS5 launch title. However, the State of Play broadcast earlier this week said that we will see the game on PS4 as well.

Sony is working quite hard to release new titles in the upcoming year. In addition to the Ghost of Tsushima, they are also working to release The Last of Us Part II sometime in May. Of course, we are all also looking forward to the launch of PlayStation 5.

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