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How To Factory Reset A PS4

Troubleshoot effectively with these simple steps.

Understanding and knowing when and how to factory reset a device is very important. The devices, even our beloved PlayStation, like PS4, could do with a factory reset now and then. Sometimes, it could be because you are unable to fix an error but are not able to; or if the latest update is causing problems. Let’s take a look at how you can factory reset PS4. 

How to factory reset your PS4

Before we get started, it is advisable to know what a factory reset does. It will completely erase your console’s hard drive along with removing its system software. It is the ideal course to take when a software glitch is affecting your PS4. Before doing this, however, it is advisable to back up your data, including images, videos, and more. 

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4
  1. First, sign in to your PlayStation 4. Make your way to the Setting menu. Find the option ‘PlayStation Network/Account Management.’ And click on it. Deactivate the machine as your primary PS4. This will let you play offline, downloaded games. All you need to do is to identify this PS4 machine as yours. If you don’t do this step properly, you are likely to face a ton of issues as you sign into the new console. 
  2. In this step, we will deactivate the PlayStation. You will notice an option called the ‘Activate as Your Primary PS4’. If your device is already active, the option will show in grey. The only clickable option, in this case, would be ‘Deactivate’. 
  3. Now, sign in using your user account. Do note that this is different from your PS4 account. Once you are in, head over to the Settings menu. 
  4. Find the ‘Initialisation’ option here. You will see two options – “Restore Default Settings” and “Initialise PS4.” The first option will help you clear the saved settings data and return your PS4 device to its factory settings. It will not, however, clear your hard drive. The second option will clear your hard drive of data. This includes saved game data, downloaded games, and everything else. Once you go through these two options, your PS4 device will be as new as the day you bought it!
  5. When you come across the Initialise screen, make sure you choose Full since this could take quite some time, at least a couple of hours. Once you have started the initialisation process, the PS4 will show a progress bar indicating the time it will take.
How to factory reset your PS4
How to factory reset your PS4

Factory Reset From Safe Mode

Another way of performing a factory reset is from the Safe Mode. To do this, first, switch off your PS4 completely and hold down the power button on the console till you hear two beeps. This will enter the Safe Mode. Select the reset option you want. Choosing ‘Initialise PS4’ will clear the hard drive and restore the PS4 to factory settings, but it will keep the software system intact. This option can be chosen if you are sure there is no software trouble. For a review of the Sony PlayStation 5, click here

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