Google Messages and Phone pick up new material icons with the latest Betas

Google has been always trying to improve its performance constantly. Over the past few months, it has introduced various new refreshed material items. Also, it has added a lot to its features. It was just yesterday that it showed an update icon, and again you see the signs of a refresh.

Google Messages and Phone pick up new material icons with the latest Betas

Changes in Google applications

The majority of Google applications today have been revamped with the company’s latest design language. Google’s dialer and messaging applications are picking up new material icons with the latest betas.

These moderately delicate adjustments merely change the present iconography and give just a slight change to the appearance. Though it does not affect the working, it functions the same whatsoever. Previously, the icons were colorful, but as of now, material icons with the outlines only have replaced them. These items have added changes to the home screen, messaging screen and the call screen of the application.

Google Phone beta v44

Google Phone beta v44 brings new material icons. The ‘Favourites’, ‘Recent’ and ‘Contact’ tab at the bottom now feature the new material icons with an outline. Also, the ‘Voice Search’ icon at the top section of the application experiences the same. ‘Mute’, ‘Speaker’, ‘Add Call’, ‘Video Call’, ‘Hold’ and ‘End Call’.

Google Messages v5.5

Additional to Phone beta v44, the google messages version 5.5 also brings new material icons for ‘Video call’, ‘Audio call’ and ‘Add Participants’ icons on the top part of the conversation screen.

The various other features

‘What’s new’ feature is one of those up prime that turned into a hole after the replacement. The ‘Begin Chat’ bubble on the homepage additionally shed its previous icon for a defined one. The whole ‘name display screen’ has been facelifted with new icons, together with different components within the app navigation menu and the search bar.

The most notable changes

The most notable of the changes is the wide oval ‘Start Chat’ icon. There’s an entirely new one that matches the general shape of the app icon. Also, the different screen appearance has added to the notability.

More about material designs

Material icons are pleasant, elegantly crafted icons for basic actions. If not in Google, you can still download them separately on the desktop to use them in your digital products for Android, iOS, and web.

It is an adaptable system of guidelines, components, and tools that support the best practices of user-interface design. Backed by open-source code, material icons streamline the collaboration between designers and developers. They help the teams quickly in building beautiful products.

At the end

Material theme icons in Google Phone and Messages are small changes, but increase consistency and make the two applications feel better. Both are available in beta and one should definitely try them once. If using the latest version of Google Phone and Messages seems interesting to you, then you can enroll yourself for the Beta Program of these applications on the Google Play store.

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