Slack Update: Google Is Working On Another Messaging App To Take On Slack

Google seems to be shifting focus from personal messaging apps to the business-oriented ones.

While Google has been the master of many things, one thing it hasn’t had much success is chat applications. Though it has never had much difficulty in building one, and the ones like Allo did hit it off with people for a while, it’s just that there have always been too many alternatives. After getting mild reviews on Allo, Google now seems to be shifting its focus from personal messaging apps to the more business-oriented ones, such as Slack.

What More The Google Is Offering?

According to a report, Google is coming up with a comprehensive mobile chat application that will incorporate current services like Hangouts Meet, Hangout Chat, Drive, Gmail, and others. It is supposed to fulfil all your business communication needs.

Currently, a person has to use two different apps, one for messaging and one for video conferencing. Yes, there is an option for sending messages in a video calling application, but it cannot be used for chatting. Also, it can get pretty cumbersome in a business environment where things have to be done quickly, efficiently, and with minimum hassle. This app will bring together all the key elements of G-Suite, which are handy for a business, all in one place. It is slated to take on the likes of Slack and Microsoft 365 package.


Challenges That Google Might Face

However, the road ahead for Google is not very smooth. Slack, being the pioneer, already has an established user base who commends the intuitive approach to design and functionality of the company. Microsoft is another big name in the field, having its Office 365 package. While it might not be as engaging or exactly better than Slack, the existing user base responded to this package pretty well.

So, to make it all work, Google will have to give a compelling reason to businesses to switch to their platform. It has a tough task ahead because switching to a new platform can sometimes be a drain on resources because there is always that risk of it not working out. So, is there a threat to the existing apps like Slack due to the entry of one of the world’s biggest companies onto the scene?

Well, probably not.

Some Unsuccessful Attempts

As we all know, Google hasn’t had any significant success with a messaging app. The company has always been a bit confused when it comes to the question of how these apps should be incorporated with the existing user base. In fact, at one point in time in 2016, Google was simultaneously running six messaging apps at once! While there were a few bright stars like Allo and Spaces in this otherwise bleak sky, they ultimately suffered from obscurity. The last major attempt by Google in the field of chat applications was in the form of Allo, which was eventually shut down in March 2019.

Though Google has all the technical expertise and resources at its disposal, it remains to be seen whether it can overcome its previous failures. It will also be interesting to see how Google uses its competitive edge, which it has over the other companies into launching a successful product. Since Google has been pretty successful at enterprise software, which is an entirely different field than personal applications, it might just be able to pull it off. Hopefully, we will be getting to hear more about it at the Google I/O scheduled to take place later this year.

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