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Whatsapp Says No To These Smartphones From 2020

At the beginning of February 2020, some devices will not be able to use the most loved and most used application of all times, WhatsApp, across the globe. Whatsapp Says No To These Smartphones From 2020.

The Warning:

This Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, had given a prior warning to the devices operating on an older version of Android and iOS since they don’t support WhatsApp. So, for those who failed to upgrade their phones, WhatsApp will become a distant non-usable entity.

WhatsApp Supports:

WhatsApp is friendly with the iOS devices running OS 9+ and Android devices running OS 4.0.3+. Also, some rare phones running Kai OS 2.5.1+. The very latest report suggests that the devices not running these operating systems will not benefit from WhatsApp anymore.

WhatsApp Contradicts:

WhatsApp is not going to be friendly with Android devices running OS 2.3.7 and older, iOS devices running OS 8 and older, also some rare phones featuring Windows OS.

WhatsApp Backup Chats
WhatsApp Backup Chats

No Verification:

Earlier, you could verify your smartphone with WhatsApp and start using the application instantly. But, this will not happen this time! You will not be able to create new accounts using older versions of operating systems, neither will you be able to verify your existing accounts after the given deadline!

Tiff With Microsoft:

From December 31, 2019, the Facebook-owned messaging application has withdrawn support for all Windows phones. Also, it ended support with its Windows 10 Mobile OS the very same day.

Learn How To Save Chats

In case you are still using an older version of the operating system, you need to save your chats and information. Here’s how you can do that:

#1 Open the conversation you want to save, click on ‘CHATS.’

#2 Click on ‘EXPORT CHAT.’ Then, you will get to choose between download with or without media. Choose what you want and export all your chats with that particular contact.

Learn How To Backup Chats

For Android users, you need not worry; just follow these straightforward steps:

#1 There are three dots at the top right corner of your WhatsApp application, click on them.

#2 Click on ‘SETTINGS’

#3 Then, tap on ‘CHATS.’

#4 In the end, you will find the ‘CHAT BACKUP’ option. Then, it will show you ‘GOOGLE DRIVE SETTINGS’ option.

For iOS users, you need not worry about having such a rare smartphone too! You need to follow these very simple to understand steps:

#1 At first, you need to turn on iCloud Drive on your iPhone.

#2 Go to your WhatsApp application

#3 Click on ‘SETTINGS’ at the bottom right corner

#4 Click on ‘CHATS’

#5 Now, tap on ‘CHAT BACKUP.’

#6 Select the option, ‘BACK UP NOW,’ to back up your chats to your iCloud Drive.

Last Word

This most useful application is bringing in a lot of changes to improve the user interface or user interaction (for those who don’t understand code language!). They have just brought up the ‘dark mode’ feature for Android beta users and will bring that for iPhone users too! Along with that, there are animated stickers you could use during chats!

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