Google Pixel 4 Update Silently Introduces Two More Important Tweaks

Google’s Android update for December 2019 is slowly making its way to Pixel 4 users across the globe, and we already know it introduces e-SIM support for T-Mobile phones.

Google Pixel 4 Update

However, XDA-Developers have uncovered two additional features in this update – dual-frequency GPS and an improved Face Unlock feature.

Dual-frequency GPS is available on many flagship phones these days, and it delivers more accurate location tracking.

The Face Unlock feature is pretty exciting, too, as Google now uses recent Face Unlock scans to improve security and accuracy over time. In simpler words, the more you use facial recognition on the Pixel 4 Phone or 4 XL, the better it gets.

We hope to see this feature on more phones.

Unfortunately, Google still has not implemented an eyes-open toggle for Face Unlock, which means people can still unlock your phone if you’re sleeping. Hopefully, this toggle is added in the next update.

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL were launched in October of 2019 and currently run on a stable version of Android 10, which is the latest version of Android.

The phones and are expected to receive the Android 11 update in September 2020. Pixel phones receive three major updates in their lifetime per Google’s smartphone update policy.

Google tends to push updates to its Pixel phones, even if they are full-blown revamps of the OS on the day they first become available.

We can expect the Pixel 4 and 4 XL to receive Android 11 as soon as the final version rolls out. The rollout of Android 11 is expected around September of 2020.

AT&T Available TBA
Sprint Available TBA
Verizon Available TBA
T-Mobile Available TBA
US unlocked Available TBA
International unlocked Available TBA

 Here are some recent developments in Google’s approach to keeping its flagships updated:

    • The November update for Pixel 4 fixed some minor issues in the camera app’s white balance. The update also enhanced some phones 90Hz displays.
    • Google is now bringing new features to its Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones in the form of the upcoming “feature drops.” Google’s Pixel devices regularly receive updates for bug fixes and general improvements; however, these new feature drops aim to bring more content and tools to the devices.

The first feature drop brings general performance enhancements, and it comes with better photo editing tools, enhanced Call Screening capabilities, and improve Google Duo calling.

    • Google also announced that in an upcoming update, Google Pixel 4 users in the UK, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, and Australia would get an update bringing them the new Google Assistant. Unfortunately, the new Assistant is still only available in English, and won’t work if you have a G-Suite account on your phone.

Bottom Line

Google’s smartphones boast excellent software optimization and are the critic’s favorite when it comes to style and performance.

It is great to see Google silently making their products better for its users.

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