Google Pixelbook Go Review: Value Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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Not all Google products are received with equal popularity. Pixel Slate, released last year, features excellent hardware couple with really poor software. On the other hand, Pixelbook released in 2017, made a huge splash and it looks as if nothing could go wrong with it. The company is now working to release Google Pixelbook Go, a scaled-back Pixel Chromebook. Maybe this could establish a new mid-range value for Chrome OS laptops. In the Pixelbook box, you will see the device, a 45W charger, and USB-C cable, and some documentation.

Design and Display

The Google Pixelbook Go has a magnesium shell which gives the user a feeling of luxury as they handle the device. This black laptop features matte-paint-on-metal finish, making it elegant and sophisticated. The 13.3-inch display of the device makes it smaller than the Apple MacBook Pro. The Go has two USB-C ports. There are no memory card slot or reader and USB-A ports. The laptop features a full-sized keyboard, stereo speakers, and an oversized trackpad. The keyboard has a dedicated Google Assistant button. Google calls the Pixelbook Go’s keyboard Hush Keys. This means that there will be little to no noise as you tap away on the keyboard.

The Pixelbook Go has a 13.3-inch LCD with 1,920 x 1,080 Full HD and 16:9 aspect ratio. It can be used quite comfortably in both sunny and dim areas. The glossy finish of the Concore Glass is highly reflective, meaning you could have trouble with reflecting lights on the panel. The touchscreen is responsive and works accurately enough to keep everyone happy. There are rumours that a 4K variant will make it to the market sometime later in the year.

Google Pixelbook Go Review
Google Pixelbook Go Review

The Pixelbook Go comes in 8GB or 16GB RAM variant with 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB storage. The original variant runs on Core i5 processor while the higher-end Core i7 CPU will be seen on the upcoming 4K model. The laptop works well, is highly responsive, and fast. Multi-tasking was no problem either. One time the Go slowed down was when dealing with physical media cards. The Go works smoothly and swiftly with browsers, games, editing software and more.


The Pixelbook Go’s battery lends the device all the power it needs to last a day. According to Google, the battery can last for about 12 hours of mixed-use, including standby time. The laptop features USB-C charging and charges rapidly. This is wonderful since it is almost double of what MacBook Pro offers its users. Charging for about 20 minutes will let you work on Pixelbook Go for about two hours.

Google Pixelbook Go
Google Pixelbook Go

The GO features Chrome OS 78 but was running on OS 77 when it first released. The automatic update is reassuring since it means security is updated and we know that Google is keeping an eye on it. To set up the machine, all you need to do is to sign in with your Google account. If you have used Chrome before, all your settings and bookmarks will make its way to this device as well.

Value For Money

Although Pixelbook Go offers a convertible design, pen support, and good enough specs, some feel it is priced a bit too high. Excellent battery life, good display, and the stunning design make it all worth it. However, it is not an easy job justifying the price, despite these advantages.

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