Samsung Internet Browser 10.2 Beta Adds Toolbar Customization And Mobile Tab Bar, Reinstates Video Assistant

Samsung Internet Browser Beta is back with a bang and with a ton of new features!

Samsung’s third-party browser, Samsung Internet Browser, is now on its 10th major iteration. The beta channel of the browser app is all set with the latest update. Let’s take a look at some of the features that this update saw.

Latest Features of Samsung Internet Beta Version 10.2

Toolbar customizations: Users would now be able to indulge in address bar and toolbar customizations. You can now organize and line up the open web pages in order under the address bar. You would also be able to allocate a certain icon within the toolbar. If you have ever used Samsung Internet on your tablet, you might have noticed this feature. However, now, it has been made available for smartphones as well. To enable the webpages under the address bar, all you need to do is to click on the hamburger menu located on the lower right side of the window. Click on Setting and then tap on ‘Appearance’. Following this, you will have a screen with different options, find and enable the “Show tabs below the address bar.”

Similarly, it is easy to customize the toolbar settings. You can simply go to the Settings, click on the “Customize Toolbar” option and arrange the icon as you wish.

Samsung Beta Version 10.2
Samsung Beta Version 10.2
Pop-menu menu with long-press

Now, holding down (or, in other words, long-pressing) on a link could give you additional options. Previously, this used to cover the full screen. However, in the latest version, you will find that the interface changes to a pop-up that contains all the required data. It is a good change since it looks neater.

Video Assistant

You might have noticed that the video assistant was there in the older versions of the browser. It has been revamped and it has come back with a bang. If you want to enable this option, all you need to do is to visit your Settings menu and make your way to the “Useful Features” option. Enable “Video Assistant”. You will notice a small purple icon on the bottom of your screen whenever you watch a video in the Samsung Internet Browser Beta. Clicking on the purple icon will present you with some options, such as “Show on TV”, “Show on a pop-up window,” and “Enable fullscreen”.

New card UI for tabs

There is a new interface for the card layout. Viewing tabbed pages will now be a different experience thanks to the awesome interface. Cards will now pop out and offer you a better view.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta Version 10.2
Samsung Internet Browser Beta Version 10.2

User Experience

If these features have gotten you excited, you can check them out yourself. All you need to do is to download Samsung Internet Beta version 10.2 and install it. In addition to all the cool features that we discussed above, the latest update also has some privacy enhancements. Users would now be able to see the apps that are working with the Internet Browser Beta and close them if needed. There is also a Secret Mode with smart anti-tracking technology. Here, you are safe from advertisers! You can keep your Secret Mode tabs a secret by having a password or locking them with biometrics. All in all, it looks like good browsing experience. You can give it a try by clicking here. If you are more of a Google Chrome user, go through this article to understand how you can check the browser version. 

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