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How to Send GIFs on Android?

Don't know how and where to find fun GIFs? You have come to the right place..

Sending GIFs on Android

GIFs are an amazing way of expressing your feelings without any words. GIFs are moving images that play in a loop, expressing a variety of sentiments accurately. If you are an Android device user, you are in luck as there are several ways of sending GIFs. You could use your stock keyboard, a messaging app, or any popular third-party GIF app. Let’s take a look at these in detail. You can send GIFs from your Android device – meaning that the device needs to run on Android, regardless of who the manufacturer is.

Gboard or the Google Keyboard

On Android devices running on Android 7.1 Nougat, you can easily send GIFs from your Google Keyboard. All you need is a compatible messaging app. Android Messages ticks the box very well. If you want to check which Android OS you are using, you can do that in a jiffy. Make your way to the Settings Menu and click on ‘System’. Find the ‘About Phone’ section and scroll down to see the version. You can also update your Android by checking for the latest updates under the ‘System Update’ tab.

How to Send GIFs on Android
How to Send GIFs on Android

Let’s move on to see how you can send a GIF using the Gboard and via your Android Messages. Open up Messages and create a new conversation. If you want, you can open an existing thread as well. Tap on the text message bar and the keyboard will show up. You will notice a smiley icon on the left side of the space bar. Tap on this.

You will notice the GIF option at the bottom of the screen. Tapping on that will take you to a GIF search page. Simply type in a keyword and the relevant GIFs will appear. Once you start using this, you will notice that the Recent tab shows GIFs you have used in the past. Change the search terms to get more options. Once you find what you were looking for, tap on it and send it.


Most of us are likely to have heard of GIPHY. It is a library of such videos with an effective search engine that allows you to find what you were looking for easily. The best part about this is that you can also upload your own GIFs. Unless you want to save favorites or more, you don’t require login credentials. It is completely free to browse, search, and share GIFs.

To send a GIF with GIPHY, first launch the app. On the main screen, you will many popular GIFs, the latest trending ones, and more. Tap on the planet icon to be presented with the many categories. This includes memes, reactions, greetings, animals, and occasions. If you want to upload your own GIF, tap the plus symbol. When you find a GIF you like, tap on the image.

A variety of options will show up, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more. Depending on how you want to share, click on the relevant one. In addition to these, there will also be a share and a download link. With the share button, you can send using Android Messages and other similar apps. Once you have selected the app, tap send.

GIFs on Android
GIFs on Android

Did you know that you could send GIFs in the form of an attachment as well? If you have saved GIFs on your Gallery or the cloud, you can easily do this. Simply tap the plus symbol beside the message bar. Select the GIF that you wanted to send and send. Before sending, you could also add a message if you want.

Other Third-Party Apps For Sending GIFs

GIFs can help us express our emotions better than anything. There are many amazing apps out there that offer tons of entertaining GIFs. If nothing is to your liking, you can get down and create your own! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps. Check here for more details.

GIF Keyboard by Tenor

This app makes sharing GIFs very convenient and super fun. The reason for this is that you don’t require any additional workups. You can do everything you need to do directly from your keyboard. Tenor has a HUGE library containing millions of short videos and GIFs. All you need to do is to search against the relevant keywords and find an amazing variety show up. With Tenor, you can search and send GIFs, emojis, and more. You will also find plenty of clips from movies in the form of GIFs.


Flesky was initialed designed and developed for faster and better typing. One of its major goals was predictive typing. Thanks to its Flesky next AI, the app suggests stickers, GIFs, words, and emojis while you are typing. Its auto-correction feature is also pretty advanced. Definitely more so than others you might have come across. The app has a pretty good collection of cool stickers, fun GIFs, and an interesting variety of emojis. Since it helps with fast typing, it also helps send GIFs easily. This app has an emoji and GIF keyboard, which allows you to easily access its large collection of GIFs, stickers and emojis. It’s a faster and more convenient way of sending GIFs on Android.

SwiftKey Keyboard

This is one of the more popular ones. The SwiftKey Keyboard app is known for its rich plethora of options it offers to the users. Did you know that this app works to understand your way of writing and then gives suggestions based on that? It also tries to understand how you use and interact with emojis, GIFs, different words, and reactions. Here, you will find tons of stickers, GIFs, videos, emojis, and more. In fact, there is a built-in emoji keyboard as well. Another surprising feature of SwiftKey Keyboard is that it supports a multilingual keyboard.

Wrapping Up – How to Send GIFs on Android?

GIFs are a great way of communicating. With these apps or via Android Messenger, there are plenty of ways how you can send GIFs on way to send gifs on Android. Whew! Now, do you want to chill out by playing some games? Check out some offline game ideas.


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