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Houseparty: Introduction, Creating And Deleting The Account

What is Houseparty?

Houseparty is a social platform that allows you to connect with the people you care about, face to face. This is a non-paid application. You can download it for free from the AppStore and register yourself. You will need to add your details such as email address, name, mobile number, and a password for you to create your account. Then, you can easily log in from any other device using your email or username and password.

Houseparty: Introduction, Creating And Deleting The Account

To connect to your friends who might also have downloaded this application, you need to allow this app to access your contacts. You can also connect to your friends from Facebook or Snapchat applications. This app allows you to connect with a maximum of seven friends face to face at a time, termed as a ‘party’.

How to create a party?

In order to create a group of your contact, you can create a ‘room’ and add the contact you want to communicate with. You also need to ‘lock’ the room, to prevent strangers from joining this room. Some people misuse this by joining into unlocked rooms and displaying censored content.

How to delete account on this app?

Recently, it has been spreading among the social media that Houseparty has been hacked. They are also saying that it is preventing other applications to open. The Houseparty has officially announced a bounty to find the source of this problem. People during this quarantine period due to COVID-19 have been using this app to communicate with their friends and family. After facing this problem, everyone wants to delete their account.

For Android users

You can delete your account, by sending an email to ‘[email protected]’ and request them to delete your Houseparty account. Follow the following steps:

      • Open any email application.
      • Create a new email.
      • Enter the recipients’ email as ‘[email protected]’.
      • Enter the subject title as ‘Request to Delete Account’.

You need to add the following details in the body of this email:

      • User name.
      • Your email address used for the Houseparty account.
      • Username for the Housparty account.
      • Your mobile number used in the Houseparty account.

When the email is received by the Houseparty authorities, they will complete your request. Thus, your account will be deleted.

For iOS users

      • Open the Hoouseparty application. There is a ‘User’ icon on the top corner, you have to click on that icon.
      • A dropdown menu will appear on the screen, select the ‘settings’ option from the list.
      • Inside settings, you will see a ‘privacy’ option, click on that.
      • There you will see a ’delete account’ option, select that option.
      • You have to provide confirmation. For that, you have to enter your account password.
      • In this way, you can delete your account.

Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you can follow the corresponding steps mentioned above. After deleting your account, the Houseparty sign-in screen will be displayed. You can now uninstall the application from your phone if you want to.

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