Huawei Unveils HarmonyOS Operating System..

.. That Can Replace Google Android 'Immediately'

Huawei’s has developed an operating system of its own called HongmengOS. It is known as HarmonyOS is English. Richard Yu, the CEO of the Chinese tech giant’s consumer division, mentioned at a Huawei Developer Conference that this OS can be easily used in different devices, including smart speakers, sensors, and of course, smartphones. This is Huawei’s way of entering the Internet of Things play. The HarmonyOS Operating System is planned to be first used on smart screen products, such as smartphones and televisions. Their long-term goal is to have the OS in other devices, such as car head units, wearables, and more.

Huawei and the US

The HarmonyOS is expected to launch first in China, followed by a global release, according to Yu. The move comes with the US placed Huawei on their blacklist. This basically stops US companies to have any kind of a trade relationship with the company. Once this got underway, Google suspended its business with Huawei. However, a few days later, the US government allowed Google to work with Huawei for 90 days. That period is almost at its end.

HarmonyOS Operating System
HarmonyOS Operating System

During this time, Huawei had talked about its operating system which was still in the development stage at that time. According to Yu, they are not yet sure if they would be able to use Android, but users can be sure that the products and devices already sold with Google’s OS will not be affected or impacted in the least by this issue.

How does HarmonyOS work?

HarmonyOS is open source. This means that anyone could use this operating system for their devices. The reason behind why Huawei made its OS open source is because it will help make it more popular and attract more users than ever to create apps for it. Naturally, if more device manufacturers start using it, there will also be more apps being made for it. Of course, it is quite important to have a wide range and variety of apps to make an OS successful.

Huawei's HarmonyOS
Huawei’s HarmonyOS

Yu also said that there are plenty of manufacturers out there who have quite a bit of interest in using the HarmonyOS. However, he did not go into much detail over that. He believes that the most popular OS of today, such as Apple’s iOS and Android, are not ideal for the different devices. Especially in this age of IoT, the existing OS are not suitable for the large number of devices that would be connected to the Internet.

HarmonyOS Operating System Release

The goal behind the creation of HarmonyOS is to develop a single software that can work effectively and seamlessly across a range of different devices. It would be able to work equally well between large devices, such as laptops and the much smaller sensors so that the end result can be reliable and stable. According to Yu, HarmonyOS for smartphones and laptops is expected to be ready for use soon in China. The OS is expected to hit the international markets by mid-2020.

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