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Whatsapp Android Update Finally Brings Long-Needed New Feature For Android Users

See the picture, confirm the name, and safely send the picture to the intended recipient!

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular messaging app. While it has a ton of useful features, there is always space for improvement. The latest update Whatsapp Android Update is something that could save many of us some grief. Currently, it is not very easy to see and confirm who you are sending images or pictures to. Where users only see the icon of the receiver’s profile picture, now users would be able to see the contact name right below the picture. The previous system allowed users to make mistakes by sending pictures to the wrong person since no validation or confirmation was asked before you hit the send button.

The latest update is here to help us all out. Now, when you send a picture to the receiver, you will see their contact name clearly right under the profile picture icon. This is intended to work as a confirmation measure that you are sending it to the person you think you are. This WhatsApp update is only for users using the app on their devices. Huawei, Samsung, and Sony smartphone owners will all receive the update shortly. iPhone users already have the feature on their version of WhatsApp. This came as part of their latest iOS version update.

Whatsapp Update
Whatsapp Update

Whatsapp Android Update

Besides this update, did you know there are many more things you can do with your WhatsApp than simply changing profile pictures and chatting with friends and family? WhatsApp is working on releasing two other major updates real soon. The first feature basically allows users to merger WhatsApp with other messaging services. This means that you can merge WhatsApp with other Facebook-owned services, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram. You would be able to have continuous conversations with people regardless of the platform they are using. Naturally, this will allow users to text each other on a single platform, creating better messaging experiences.

Another update which many are waiting for with bated breath includes Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra. This is expected to be introduced for WhatsApp sometime in 2020. With this, users would be able to make and receive payments through the app. It has been designed specifically to ensure that it is highly user-friendly and secure. While the company mentioned it would be released in 2020, the actual date for the same is yet to be released.

Whatsapp update self destructing messages
Whatsapp update self-destructing messages

WABetaInfo and Self-Destructing Messages

WhatsApp is planning to bring another new feature – self-destructing messages. While platforms like Telegram and Snapchat have had this for a while, WhatsApp is releasing it just now. Good news is that this feature will work smoothly with the app’s upcoming dark mode. WABetaInfo is a publication that focuses solely on WhatsApp. It goes through the beta versions and identifies any possible upcoming features and it is considered to be pretty reliable. According to WABetaInfo, this would be available under Group Settings called ‘Delete Messages’. It will show the users the number of timeframes in which a message will be viewable.


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