Microsoft Edge Chromium is already a viable alternative to Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft has always been lagging behind in developing a solid web browser which can easily replace its competitors. Over the past few years, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer have tried hard to beat Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. In the end, they have been used for nothing but to download other browsers. In order to win back a decent share in the browser industry, Microsoft is working to remake the Chromium Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge Chromium is already a viable alternative to Chrome and Firefox

Chromium is going to be an open-source browser or web render that developers can work on. Some of the few examples of browsers based on Chromium are Opera, Google Chrome, and Amazon Silk. When Microsoft is also going ahead as an open-source program, Firefox has become the last resort which is not built on Google’s eye on the web.

You can try Microsoft Edge Chromium which is currently available in beta mode. Microsoft Edge for Android is also based on Chromium. You can sync your webpages and bookmarks across both of these platforms.

Full of cool features

I know you won’t look Microsoft Edge with bells and whistles but it is true that its latest browser is backed with lots of handy features. You will find all the basic options to import bookmarks, share links, and add your favorites. But Edge goes a step ahead with its system-wide Dark Mode without even overwriting color schemes of webpages.

The “Read Aloud” feature also stands out. As the name suggests, the browser will read out webpages for you. It really comes handy to proofread your blog and digest your daily scoop with a morning brew. If you love reading a page without any custom formatting, it also has the “Immersive Reader” option.

The integrated Chromecast support is another feather on its cap. You can easily cast your favorite videos from your PC or tablet to your smart TV. The Collections feature is another plus. You can have a collection of images, web pages, and texts by simply using drag and drop features.

Last but not least – Apps. You can download web apps and pages to use without even using the browser. These web apps were only available on the Microsoft Store. Finally, Edge manages to download them in its browser.

And the best part – It’s the way too lighter than Chrome

Google Chrome has always been criticized for being RAM hungry. No matter how much empty space you give, Chrome will eat it. This is why most users like me switched to lighter browsers like Firefox. But the best part is that Microsoft Edge Chromium is going to be even lighter than Firefox and snappiest browser of others.

Download and Release Date

You can just try the beta version of Microsoft Edge Chromium. The final release of the browser is supposed to launch by January 2020. Its Canary build works on Arm devices with Windows like Surface Pro X. Chrome is yet to come up with its Arm version. So, Edge is a smart choice if you are still not using Mozilla Firefox.

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