Motorola’s Upcoming Stylus phone will be called the ‘Moto G Stylus’

Motorola is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturing brands around the world. It is the oldest mobile phone making brand in the world. The establishment of the company is that strong that it doesn’t give a second thought before experimenting with the established model names.

Moto G Stylus

Following the same trend, it is going through a renaming process of the Motorola stylus to Moto G stylus.


    • According to the rumours, the smartphone will be offering a hole-punch display.
    • The Moto G stylus is said to be having certifications in Canada and the US.
    • The new Moto G stylus is likely to carry model number XT2043-4 as per the data provided by the certifications by Canada and the US.
    • The Moto G stylus smartphone is landing in the market alongside Moto G8 and Moto G8 power.

The news

The smartphone is Lenovo’s subsidiary product and is in consideration with the first stylus carrying the Android version of a smartphone. As per some sources, the smartphone might be offering a hole-punch display design.

Leaked render is confirming with the overflowing tweets and social media posts. The Twitter post by certainly proclaimed media people is certain with this new Moto launch. The design feature and the hole-punch display is also conforming to its true sense according to the different fan pages and active social media accounts.

However, how much Twitter and other media posts can we trust is questionable. We will come to its fate by its mega launch in Motorola’s launching event.

The smartphone contains the certifications by the US and Canada with model number XT2043-4. And interestingly the US Federal Communications Commission database surfaced the same model number. As per the PR statements of the Motorola, it is hosting a press media event at MWC 2020 in Barcelona in the coming month. It is in consideration that Motorola will unveil the new Moto G8 phones along with Moto G stylus.

Motorola is also working on a new flagship project. It is in progress and that would likely to be called the Motorola Edge+. Although, this rumour of flagship launch is in consideration. It is taking place at MWC 2020 or might get a separate space for its giant launch.

Specifications likely to be

The Motorola smartphone is likely to pertain to the stylus pen. That’s making a debut in the market under the shed of parent company Motorola. The smartphone would have somewhat similarities with the G8 Power that is again appearing to be launch along with Moto G8.

In accordance with the active tipsters and media scientists the smartphone is in development with the codename “Sofia+”. This somewhat shows similarities with the Moto G8 Power. Talking about the features, the smartphone will pertain the Qualcomm Snapdragon 655 SoC.

It is also having Android 10 which is a go-to version of Android. The battery is around 5000 mAh which is a big battery backup for a smartphone. All in all the rumoured phone is reaching the excitement of its launch with the pinch of leaked information to it.

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