Coronavirus – Oppo Confirms Rumors about Employing Workers and Technicians

They will work for Production of Masks which prevents from Coronavirus Outbreak

Oppo recently, on 9th February, confirms the allocation of its production unit in making masks due to Coronavirus Outbreak. They are also planning to dispatch several technicians and a group of works for the production of similar masks. The Chinese company, in collaboration with another Chinese mobile accessory manufacturing company, Vivo, confirms the same.

Coronavirus Outbreak

They are planning to manufacture such masks amid the coronavirus outbreak in China. It confirms the rumor by acknowledging the fact of the hazardous outbreak in China. The production of the masks intends to save the health of the manufacturing plant workers and the common men and women.

Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world with its serious consequences. They are a large family of viruses. They have serious after-effects, from common breathing problems to severe respiratory problems. Coronaviruses are zoonotic; they spread from animals to humans.

People in China are solemnly suffering from this hazard. Oppo donates about 30 million RMB to the Wuhan Charity Federation for the prevention and taking care of needful amid coronavirus outbreak.

Oppo stands out for the needful amid the Coronavirus outbreak

The company, after helping with 30 million RMB, plans to help people by providing the masks for the prevention of the epidemic. They plan to stand out the concerns related to the warranty and repairs of their smartphones amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In the midst of it, they are also planning to extend the warranty period of their products until the epidemic comes under control. Meanwhile, Hongkong police also confirm that some of the policemen are taken under supervision under the suspicion of the outbreak.

The smartphone and electronic manufacturing company also urges the workers to stay alert and work only after putting masks. Even Apple also suggests its workers stay at home as it might affect the production of face masks amid coronavirus outbreak.

Oppo being a Chinese company following its ethical values for the nation decides to help the affected citizens by providing financial and health assistance. They are also providing financial help to various agencies that are helping in this hour of difficulty.

The stand of the Oppo company is clear. They are increasing the production of the masks and providing it to the needful to get their products and company back on track soon. Coronavirus is a family of viruses that cause several health hazards.

The most common effects are respiratory problems. The virus is there in the air, and it is directly affecting people by just breathing. Masks will filter the air and will try to filter out the fresh air to get in.

At the end

Oppo is a huge and experienced company in the world market. They are cashing in this experience and are trying within their capabilities to prevent and help the affected people. They urge to help the government by helping in awaking people through technology.

China’s government is making some severe effects amid the outbreak. Constructing 1000 beds’ hospital in just 10 days is one of them. Also, the government is making its efforts to curb this menace by working hard round the clock.

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