Maserati Ghibli Skin for Dacia Spotted in PUBG Mobile

It is one of the most expensive skin ever to be sold in PUBG. 

One of the favourite online multiplayer battle royale game of all time Players Unknown’s Battle Grounds, aka PUBG. Developed and published by PUBG Corporation. Available on platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, mobile phones and windows. In the past, we have all observed and noticed PUBG’s collaboration with many different franchises. Brands like the new Godzilla, the Walking Dead, Resident Evil and many more, making the game more fun and interesting. However, PUBG has made it official to finally collaborate with the Italian luxury car manufacturer Maserati. A Chinese Youtuber Rey Lagarto made and posted a video featuring a new Maserati skin for Dacia, it is in fact the real Maserati Ghibli and is quite a fancy skin for the car.

PUBG and its collaboration with Maserati

The video that surfaced was of a Chinese version of PUBG known as ‘Game for Peace’ and it will soon be available on the international version of the game.

Exclusive Maserati Ghibli Skin for Dacia
Exclusive Maserati Ghibli Skin for Dacia

A video posted on YouTube consists of an official promotion clip which highlights the collaboration between the game and the car company. The video that surfaced gives you an insight into the skin within the menu, with the help of interactive User Interface (UI) as well as, within the game. Highlighting its appearance while it is in use.

PUBG has introduced a total of three colours to finish, I.e.

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Golden

The Maserati skins are rumoured to have a glittered effect over it, making them visible from a distance while they are approaching. These skins are pretty rare, especially the golden ones. Golden skin is the most difficult to obtain due to its rarity. However, to get your hands on them one must play a roulette mini-game. Spin it to test your luck and see whether you win or lose. According to the video description, it is to believe that the skin is quite exclusive and expensive to own, but not difficult. Price starting from $150 to $200, making it one of the most expensive skin ever to be sold in PUBG.

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