Pocophone F2 Could Just Be A Rebranded Redmi K30

The latest model could be designed for the Indian market.

Xiaomi’s Poco brand is called Pocophone in other countries besides India. The company recently announced that they plan to get started on developing mobile games in 2020. Poco has only one phone to its credit so far. However, despite this, the Poco F1 became quite popular. The next in the series, the Pocophone F2 will be out for release sometime in 2020. 91mobiles recently found out a listing for a new Poco device on the Bureau for Indian Standards (BIS) website. Here, the model number listed suggests that the upcoming phone might not be an entirely new device. According to the BIS listing, the POCO smartphone is featured with a model number M1912G7BI. This points us to the Redmi K30 4G. If you take a look at the Chinese listings for Redmi K30 4G, you will see that it comes with model numbers M1912G7BC and M1912G7BE.

Redmi K30
Redmi K30

Xiaomi has its own practice of coming up with a model number. In its devices, the company generally uses the last letter in the model number to denote the target market. So, the C and the E refers to the Chinese and European markets respectively. The new model number, M1912G7BI, ends with an I. This suggests that the device is likely to be sold in the Indian market.

Xiaomi and Poco

At the moment, there is not much detail on whether the Redmi K30 4G is the basis for Poco’s upcoming device, Poco F2. However, it is pretty sure that the model that is based on K30 4G will definitely come out under the Poco brand. This phone will have a Snapdragon 730G processor, up to 256GB of expandable storage, 6GB to 8GB of RAM, and a 4,500mAh battery. The phone is likely to be retailed as an upper mid-range model.

The Redmi K30 4G features a 120Hz FHD+ 6.67-inches LCD screen in addition to a headphone port and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. On the camera front, the device has a dual punch-hole cut-out for a 20MP/2MP sensor pairing. The quad rear camera setup boasts of a 64MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide sensor, 2MP macro camera, and 2MP depth sensor. The phone’s price will be almost similar to the Chinese market.

Pocophone F2
Pocophone F2

Pocophone F2

The upcoming Poco smartphone, the Poco F2, is basically a rebranded Redmi K30. It will simply be Redmi K30 in terms of looks and most of the specs. The software will be a bit different. POCO will have its own take on MIUI on top of the phone, but the design and display are likely to stay the same.

The Poco F2 will run on MIUI Global 11.0.2 on top of Android 10. With regards to the design, the device will have a pill-shaped display hole in the top-right corner. This is quite similar to the K30 model. All this is mere speculation doing the rounds on the internet since the company has not made any official announcements. Leaked information from different sources points us in this direction. The details about the F2 emerged on a Polish website with an image of the device.

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