Galaxy Z Flip May Use Bendable ‘Ultra-Thin Glass’ Instead Of Plastic

A truly revolutionary innovation.

There was a lot of speculations about the Samsung foldable glass display for its the Galaxy Z Flip. This device is the direct answer to the Razr by the company. Older reports suggested that Samsung’s upcoming clamshell smartphone, named the Galaxy Z Flip, will boast of a foldable glass display. The source of the leak was a popular tipster called the Ice Universe. He tweeted, “It can be confirmed that the Galaxy Fold2 leaked not long ago will use an ultra-thin glass cover for the first time in the world, replacing plastic materials.” Put in simple words, this means that Samsung has found something that is basically glass that can be folded. This is quite an achievement since almost all manufacturers of foldable displays use plastic since naturally, who can get a glass to fold?!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The New Innovation

The new glass cover is said to be flatter than plastic. It even has lesser ’wrinkles’ compared to regular plastic display covers generally used in foldable phones. Even the Galaxy Fold which is known for the crease on the screen used the latter option. Following this, another leak emerged from XDA Developers where Max Weinbach says that the Z Flip will use glass instead of plastic for its folding display. He is an XDA TV host who claimed that Samsung’s upcoming device will have the Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass on a Dynamic AMOLED display panel.

While glass will make sure that the display is likely to last longer and is more resistant to scratches, the use of glass makes it more vulnerable to breakage. As always, we are presented with two vices, forcing us to choose one. Samsung has apparently chosen to go ahead with glass, giving us better durability factor. It is up to us now to keep our devices safe and sound.

Features of Galaxy Z Flip

According to the leaks, we believe that the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone will support a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED screen and have either a 3,300 mAh or 3,500 mAh battery. The device is expected to have a 12MP camera as the main shooter and a 10MP sensor for selfies. Older reports tell us that the Z Flip model will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC and feature 256GB internal storage. In addition to this, the phone will have Samsung’s One UI 2.1 on it.

Galaxy Z Flip
Galaxy Z Flip

Weinbach also mentioned that the smartphone will come with a capacitive fingerprint reader on the side. The phone will feature a wide angle and ultra wide angle lens. With regards to the battery, the phone will have 15W fast charging. Users would be able to charge it via both wired and wireless charging options. In terms of looks, the Galaxy Z Flip is pretty similar to a foldable Galaxy S10e.

Compared to Motorola’s Razr, the pricing is expected to be quite competitive and could possibly make Samsung fans very happy. However, the company is yet to officially launch the Galaxy Z Flip. While the day is not far off, fans are eagerly awaiting its release.

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